Best Material for Outdoor Movie Screens

outdoor screening

If you have a lot of movie nights outdoors either it can be your house backyard or aside from the swimming pool you can use a sheet or house walls as your projected screens but why use them when you can have an immersive experience in low cost. 

There are many materials on which you can project your movie but these are the few best materials through which your movie watching experience can enhance. 

So, here are the best materials for Outdoor movie screens: 

01- Outdoor Fabrics and Tyvek

Outdoor fabric can be the 1st priority for an outdoor movie session it is easily available on any market and can be used as a home theatre screen material also. It is quite durable and can withhold any type of weather and wind conditions. 

Another variant of this Tyvek which can be proven tougher than the other materials and can provide more lifetime and durability. 

They are lightly weighted while being water-resistant and also flexible thus making them the most popular and durable materials for Outdoor Projector screens

02- Carl’s Blackout Cloth

Carl’s Blackout cloth is a reliable and most efficient material to be used in outdoor conditions. While resembling the movie theatre cloth it has no glare and no crease thus making the video more visible and brighter. 

This can be used as a home theatre cloth to can be placed outside when there is an outdoor movie session. 

03- Tarpaulins and Billboard Tarps

This is a completely white sheet on which your movie can be projected but, yes! There is always a but, as it is a vinyl material tarp sheet this can be a really bad option for outdoors especially in daylight. 

This is a good option for indoors and can view your movie in the night time with fair brightness. This cannot be the best option for outdoors if your projector projects HD quality of video imagery. 

04- Trapeze

Unfortunately, we cannot find any type of link to this material but it is easily available in the market. Compared to the others on this list Trapeze is a relatively expensive material to buy as an outdoor screen projector. 

Trapeze is expensive I agree with that but it guarantees a high quality of imagery and can be vital or the best option for outdoor purposes. The material is high quality thus providing an excellent quality of video projection. 

It can be expensive but it is suitable for outdoor and indoor purposes. 

05- Spandex

This spandex material could be the next option or item you buy for your upcoming movie session with friends and family. 

AS you know, spandex material is stretchable thus the frames which would hold this material should be strong and reliable to avoid any sort of glare and crease. As spandex can be formed and creased easily you have to take care of that problem. 

Well said that this can be a vital source of material for outdoor movie sessions and if you have an HD projector this material can emit or provide its full resolution imagery when setting properly and in the right manner. 

A Complete Buying Guide for Materials for Outdoor Movie Screens


The material should be durable and can stand any sort of wind and weather pressure. The fabric should be hard and should be able to avoid any disturbance. 


If you are buying a projection screen material it should provide a vivid and clear display and support your projector movie output quality. 


When buying a screen projector material, you should consider that it is flexible and can be used as a projector material. 


Your screen projector material should be more versatile and can project from both sides so you don’t have to worry about which side is correct or wrong. 


Well, you can use anything which is projectable for any movie sessions but if you are an interested person so you would spare some change to buy a projector screen material for a better experience.

Trust me it can enhance your movie experience exponentially.


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