How to Use Premium Shed Plans to Construct Your Outdoor Building


Are you looking to save yourself time and money by building your own outdoor storage building, or want to tackle a new challenge? This may seem like an intimidating feat, but the truth is with a set of premium storage building blueprints and the right tools, you can build an outdoor structure that will withstand the test of time. We highly advocate checking premium shed plans at

What is Included in Premium Shed Plans?

Sure, you can find plenty of helpful resources that can give you an idea of how to build your shed, but for a nominal fee, premium shed plans make it easy even for those who have never built a structure before. Features include:

  • Steps count – This is the number of steps included in the plan. Free plans normally have under 10 steps, while premium options have about 20 detailed steps to make sure you do not get lost along the way.
  • Illustrations for each step – The ability to have a visual to see how each step should look is crucial to ensuring you do not make a mistake.
  • Print-ready – You can easily print the plans so that you can have them handy at the job site instead of having to constantly refer to your mobile device.
  • Step by step instructions – Detailed instructions to help you through every part of the building process from start to finish.
  • Full materials and cutting list – Complete list of materials and the length, height, width, and thickness of each part.
  • Additional illustrations – Extra resources to aid in the construction of your shed.
  • Additional blueprints – Resources to aid in the planning and building of your shed.
  • Tools list – A complete list of all the tools needed to complete the project.
  • Fastening elements list – The kinds of fastening elements such as screws, hinges, nails, etc. that will be needed. 
  • Technical support – Access to technical support should you run across any speed bumps during the construction of your storage building.

Now, that you understand what is included, it is time to take a look at how to use premium shed plans to construct your new outdoor storage building. 

Carefully Read the Plans

Before you even get started, it is important to read the plans. This gives you an overview of not only the materials and tools you will need throughout the process but what to expect at each stage. This will allow you to plan accordingly, especially if there are steps that require additional manpower.  

Pick out the Ideal Site

In accordance with local rules and regulations, choose the ideal shed location in your backyard based on the dimensions specified by the included blueprints. A level spot, with easy access and away from trees and fences, is best. It is also important to check with your Homeowner’s Association (if you have one) to make sure you are following all ordinances. Failure to comply with rules, regulations, and ordinances may result in fines, the requirement to move your shed, or even tear it down.

Gather all Tools Needed

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a project, only to realize that you do not have all the tools needed to complete the job properly. This either leaves you scrambling to find the right tools or searching for an alternative method to complete the task. For tools that you do not already have, you can either purchase them if you think you will use them later, borrow the needed tools from a friend, or rent from a hardware store. 

Round-Up Materials

Depending on the size of your shed and the length of time you estimate it will take you to complete it, will determine how many of the materials you need to have on hand. Materials should be stored in a dry location out of harsh environmental elements. It might not be feasible to purchase and safely store all the materials needed at one time. 

If you find yourself in this situation, you can divide the project into pieces. For instance, start with the foundation. Once the foundation is complete, you can move onto gathering materials for the walls and then the roof, etc. 

This reduces clutter and the chances of material becoming ruined before use if you’re short on storage. No matter how you choose to manage the materials, you need to have a plan in place before you get started so that you have the materials needed when you need them. This is especially true if you need to allow shipment time for materials that must be ordered.

Follow Each Step in Order

One of the best features of premium plans is that they give you a place to start and a direction to go. Every step in the instructions is carefully constructed and tested before being made available for purchase. Likewise, each step serves a purpose, so it is important to not skip any or go out of order. Take your time and thoroughly complete each step before moving on to the next. Failure to follow the directions may compromise the integrity of the shed.

Always Keep Safety in Mind 

Safety is of the utmost importance. Understand your own limitations. If you need extra tools or even an extra hand to complete a step, take those precautions. Always keep personal safety in mind when it comes to lifting heavy objects, heights, etc.

If You Need Help, Ask Technical Support

One of the best features is that you receive unlimited free technical support. There’s no need to go-it-alone. If you aren’t sure about a step, feel free to call and ask the professionals to clarify the instructions, that’s what they are there for.  

Great Option for Do-It-Yourselfers

Premium shed plans are designed to make it easy for anyone to construct their own outdoor storage building regardless of experience. Do not just save yourself time and money but enjoy the process and adventure of building your very own storage shed.



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