How Casinos on Cruise Ships Work


Not all cruise ships have a casino but most of the larger ones do and even some smaller ones. Don’t expect a casino on a Disney Cruise Line or similar though. So, prior to venturing on a cruise, check whether your chip has a casino onboard. 

Cruise Casinos Availability

Casinos on cruise ships are not open all of the time. Some Online Cricket Betting ID are open as soon as the ship is on the sea and some are open even in port if the country permits gambling. Usually, even when at the sea, casinos are not open during a day but mostly open in the evening and tend to stay open during the night. Prior to selecting your ship, check what is the casino’s schedule. 

What are the available options for gambling?

Of course, the availability depends on the ship but most casinos have a lot of available slots including penny slots as well as a number of table games such as poker and blackjack (here is more about how to double down in blackjack). Some will also host a couple of roulette and craps tables and some even may have Baccarat available. 

Are Drinks Free like in Land-based Casinos? 

No, this mostly works for luxury lines where drinks are free. But, on cruises without free drinks, you’ll have to pay for your drinks. You may expect one to two free drinks but nothing more, in most cases. 

Casino Loyalty Club

A lot of the ships have a casino loyalty club that provides numerous perks. However, you will need to bet a lot of money to earn these points. On the other hand, the points will get you free drinks and similar. But don’t gamble to get the perks because you’ll be overpaying them. Also, be aware that you can’t take these points to a different cruise even if it is the same fleet. 

Tournaments and High Stakes Tables

Most ships don’t provide high stakes tables with only a couple of selected ones that bring the high rollers. So, if you are a high roller, ask around. As for the tournaments, some ships will offer special tournaments as part of the cruise experience. 

The minimum age to play differs from 18 to 21 and most of them accept both cash and a cruise card. As always, you get chips and gamble with them. Cruise ship casinos are much like regular ones.


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