Top 3 Lifestyle & Florida Home Destinations in 2020

florida home destinations

Florida is one of those states everyone has heard of weather you live in the Northeast, the West Coast or anywhere else for that matter. The warm year-round climate coupled with thousands of miles of pristine beaches and unspoiled ocean front, attracts millions of people each year. In fact, may people own homes in Florida and spend the winter months basking in the sun, instead of freezing through the cold somewhere else.

Let’s look at the top 3 lifestyle and Florida home destinations, that offer the best of everything the sunshine state offers.

Jupiter, FL New Homes & Waterfront Living

One of the most popular areas that people are moving to is Jupiter Florida. The area is gorgeous and located in the Northern most part of Palm Beach County, near the Treasure Coast. Jupiter, FL homes and communities are well maintained and feature upscale Real Estate choices that include waterfront homes, condos and townhomes. In fact, the local housing economy is so great that new construction projects are sprouting up in the most desirable waterfront Real Estate.

Plus, homeowners have seen a healthy ROI on their properties in Jupiter FL, which is due to the influx of people moving there, and the demand for homes, especially waterfront homes.

Jupiter is known for providing a laid-back lifestyle with world-class dining and entertainment choices at an affordable price. Although there are many communities that have estate homes worth Millions too.

There are private marinas that cater to upscale water toy owners, and hardcore yachting enthusiasts alike, in many of the communities in Jupiter these days.

Plus, one of the most popular attractions in Jupiter is the many World-Class golf courses that you can play. Some of them are private, but some are open to the public as well.

Surfside, Miami Waterfront Dream Homes

Lots of folks have heard of Miami Beach or South Beach. But, one of the most beautiful places to enjoy waterfront living is in Surfside. Known as the “Uptown Beach town” the area isn’t home to nightclubs or rave parties. On the contrary, Surfside, Miami is located within 1 square mile, near Bal Harbor and Miami Beaches’ Northern most neighborhoods. The streets are safe, and neighbors know each other in this small, yet, so big Beach town destination hot spot.

Surfside offers a family-friendly environment where there is an emphasis on outdoor activities and waterfront fun. You will find single-family homes for sale in Surfside, Miami that are dripping in charm within an irresistible location.

Punta Gorda Florida

You may not have heard of the small beachfront town that features the best of West Coast Florida living, Punta Gorda. But this place can’t be missed because it’s becoming a beachfront paradise for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of larger city life. The West Coast Beaches are some of the cleanest and most pristine in the state. The sands are pure white on many of the local beaches and you can enjoy the waterfront all day without seeing more than 10 other people.

The Intracoastal waterway provides the perfect backdrop for many waterfront homes that come with boat dockage and short ride to the inlet and Bay.

Punta Gorda also features some mega oceanfront mansions for people with Millions to spend on their lifestyle. However, you don’t need to be rich to enjoy the serene waterfront lifestyle that the area offers to everyone.

You will find a local feel to shopping and local restaurants. Of course, you can still visit the malls for brand names, but the local stores have clothes and goods produced in Punta Gorda that you won’t find anywhere else.


With so many popular beachfront destinations in Florida there are still a few undiscovered gems like Surfside, Jupiter, and Punta Gorda to enjoy! The weather can’t be beat, and the water is clean and refreshing. Florida can hold the secret combination of homes and lifestyle to meet your idea of paradise in 2020.


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