Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s

Healthy Pregnancy in Your 30s

Recent statistics show that 20-year-old women give birth much more frequently than before. These days most of the women moms become in their 30s. Women nowadays pay much more attention to their education and career. This is probably the main reason why mothers become later. It is important to know that older women are, the harder it is to get pregnant. This article will talk about how things work in pregnancy while a woman is in her 30s.

Getting Pregnant

Women are most fertile in their 20s, but however, it can be noted at this time that women do not plan on having a baby early. As we said before the farther the harder it is to get pregnant. This could be a bit challenging. The quality of the egg sometimes could be the main reason for the difficulty. It is always possible to go to the doctor and take a test about all issues of concern. If it turns out that you have fertility issues, it is always possible to turn to other fertility options such as IVF, artificial insemination, or the usage of donor eggs.

We know that when you start planning a baby, the woman tries hard and hopes.  As a young woman, and so older very important to stay calm, to think through the most. Often pregnancy appears totally unexpected when expecting. The more you think and try, the harder it can be to get pregnant. If you did, it is important to count and know the date of baby birth. If you know your first day of the last period, here is possible to count the due date. Knowing exactly days will help both you and your doctor. 


Because of hormonal fluctuations as woman ages, chances of getting twins goes up. If fertility treatment is needed, it may be another reason to have a twin. There are many stories that women have twins since the age of 30. However, often twins are hereditary and do not depend on the age of the woman. 


Of course,  there are no chances that being pregnant will not change the woman’s body.  all the changes are stronger and more visible and there is absolutely nothing to hide here. The older you are, the more challenging the physical changes of pregnancy may be on your body. If you are physically fit, exercise-oriented and have a sports routine, during pregnancy can help you to feel stronger and minimize all the pregnancy symptoms. Ask your doctor if you can continue exercising during your pregnancy because sometimes complications can be harmful. If you want to stay strong and active during your pregnancy, start with a little lighter sport, for example, swimming or yoga. You will keep your body strong in that way. Some studies say that women who had been active during pregnancy have easier and shorter labors.

Emotional fluctuations

Needless to say, we often hear talk of a pregnant woman. Because of the hormones, women often change their mood and that is normal.  As for older women who have more life experience, have a career and financially stable, all those changes in emotions are simpler and easier to experience. They are more capable of absorbing all the bites during pregnancy. Young moms have more fear and mistrust. Therefore, maturity is very good on this issue. It is always very useful to share your knowledge with other moms who have experience or try to solve difficult issues together.

Health risks

It may be that pregnancy in the ’30s will be more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter how old you are, there is always a risk. There are some major diseases, for example, premature labor, preterm birth, low birth weight baby, cesarean birth, preeclampsia. 

Visiting a doctor and observing the situation would be fairer during all your pregnancy. The sooner you know about potential complications, the easier it will be to prepare for them and know how to deal with one or the other. If there are risks that women who give birth older, that does not mean that it will happen to you. Most pregnancies for women in their 30s proceed without difficulties. 

Labor and Birth 

After getting pregnant and staying pregnant out of the way, it’s time to think about having the baby. The news is similar—labor has a higher risk of being more complicated and resulting in more complications for you. One good bit of news is that if this is not your first baby, the risk of preterm labor and birth is less 5than a mother having her first baby over 40.

How to Prepare for Pregnancy After 30

The most important thing is to take care of yourself. If your lifestyle is not perfect and healthy, it’s time to change everything. Health is the most important human asset, and that is what is passed on to the baby. So, if you are not already into sports, start doing this before planning your baby. Healthy food can help stave off things such as gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders which are risk factors based on age. 

Being in shape will help improve the labor experience. Labor by definition is work! A more ‘fit’ body will be able to handle labor and all it involves. 

When you become pregnant do not stop a healthy lifestyle. Keep up with your healthy diet and exercise routine as much as you can. This will help you recover more quickly after giving birth.

All in all

So looking at all the statistics and facts, we can briefly summarize the difference in stature when you’re younger or older. It all depends on the woman. Nowadays, with the change of fashion to become mothers, we see that as a plus. The older woman is more prepared both physically and morally. When it comes to finances, every woman wants to be safe throughout her pregnancy and the first year of being with her baby. In terms of health, the most important check and monitor the pregnancy. The health of the baby is mostly dependent on the mother, so if she tries and does everything right, everything will be fine. 

Everything in this article is statistics, research, but we all know that every person is very different. If pregnancy is difficult in the 30s, who knows it would be easier in the 20s. Or it can happen that for an older woman, things can only become easier. We all are different, with different thoughts and physique.


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