Things that people forget to pack on a vacation


The first things that come to mind while packing for a vacation are fancy dresses, toiletries, cosmetics, and a few packets of snacks. You may think about things which are necessary on a trip. But some things may seem unnecessary at first glance.


You may forget those things while packing your bags. On vacation, you may find yourself in various difficult situations where taking these unusual things pays off. Here is a list of some stuff that may seem weird to take with you on a trip, but are dark horses to have your back.


·       Keep strings attached:


It may seem ridiculous, but a string and a needle can be handy at certain points. Safety pins or paper clips are also useful. Say you have a cut or a tearing in your bag. A safety pin may help. But if the tearing is big and lets things pass through it, the situation may not be saved by a tiny safety pin.


Some trips can be a bit rough. You may have to sit in bad seats, tearing your dress. In that case, sewing is necessary. Otherwise, that dress is ruined for that trip. So, pack one or two needles and some strings in different colors. And you are good to go.


·       An extra bag:


If you love shopping, a vacation can be a good chance to fill your bag. Around the world, various things are exclusive to the place. You would love to collect those things to decorate your house. Some dress materials are native to some states.


Those will also entice you. After shopping on vacation, the biggest challenge is to pack those and bring them back to your home. Now, where would you put those? Your bags are already fat with all your belongings. To accommodate those new darlings, you need a separate bag. So it is always wiser to carry an extra bag while traveling. Make sure the bag is light weighing and can be folded in tiny folds. 


·       Electric kettle:


For some people, vacation means spending time lavishly. But some trips can be hectic and lead you to remote places. Suppose you are staying in a low budget hotel that does not provide you with hot water.


In a high-altitude place, lack of enough hot water can be a problem, especially if you are traveling with little kids. Hot water is required for various things, from taking medicine to taking a bath. In coldest areas, you would find it difficult to wash your hands without hot water.


An electric kettle might be the best thing to serve the purpose. It is easy to use. Anyone can have a cup of tea using the kettle. It is easy to carry. It is small and comes with two parts, the kettle, and the base. You can even boil eggs and cook two-minute noodles if you want. So, a one-liter electric kettle should be on top of your packing list. 


·       A multiple-plug:


A multi-plug or a multiple-plug is a conglomeration of different plug points in one single unit. If you are traveling, you may have to use multiple electronic gadgets. You have to charge the batteries for your camera. Your cell phone also needs charging. If you have read this article and have taken an electric kettle that also needs a plug point.


Other things like hair drier, laptop, or any other battery-based devices need separate plug points. You may say a hotel room has many charging points. But in some cases, one or two plug points can be defective. Or worse, a hotel room can have only one charging point. What do you do in that situation?


A tiny multi-plug can avoid these problems. A multi-plug comes with three or four plug points of two pin and three pin variants. It is very convenient to carry. You can slip it into a small compartment of a bag. It is also amicable to use. You can plug it in a single plug point, and it will work.


·       Medicine:


It is customary to carry the usual medicines while traveling. Like if you have high blood sugar, you will carry concerned medicine. But some medicines may seem unnecessary at first. But it would be best if you kept in mind the conditions you can find yourself in a while traveling to some unknown place.


For instance, if you are planning to visit some hill station, you must carry medicines for vomiting, vertigo, and dysentery. Sometimes in high altitude areas, people may feel some breathing problems.


So, carrying emergency medicine for troubled breathing is also necessary. Arrange your medicine kit according to the places you are going to visit. If you are traveling to a place like Ladakh, where the percentage of oxygen in the air is low, you may carry a small oxygen cylinder. Be prepared for every possible emergency.


·       Electric tester:


Along with a plus and a screwdriver, an electric tester can be of help throughout your vacation days. In a hotel room, you need to use the plugs for a different purpose. But what if none is in working condition? Once you check-in and find this out, it becomes very inconvenient. No matter what, you have to charge your phones and cameras.


Moreover, it is not possible to check every plug point by charging your mobile. So, you carry a simple tiny tester in your belly pouch. Before checking in, you have to run the tester in the plugs to check if they work. No need to pull out the charger every time you check in a hotel room. 


However, there are numerous little things to pack before you lock the door of your house. So, the list goes on. Along with these mentioned things, carry particular items that are necessary to serve your specific purpose.


A serene vacation should not get spoilt because of your poor packing skills. Packing is not only a responsible task but also needs prudence. 

Let’s pack up pals!


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