In What Century did Women Dress the Most Stylishly?

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Women always strive for style perfection. In any century, in any year they keep on going after it. Is it possible to achieve perfection? No. But it is possible to come as close as possible to this dream. But what time was the most appropriate for being the icon of style?

Today or Yesterday? Always!
It seems that today we have a rare fortune to take advantage of entire beauty industry, and thousands of fashion brands help us to find a way to stand out looking stylish and posh. Today, style and fancy become affordable to different social groups, not only to the wealthy or the nobles.

Another peculiarity of a modern elegant and stylish-looking woman is that she is not limited with social rules. You don’t need to assert your right to be yourself, and you may express yourself freely, choosing any style you wish. You may wear bohemian fashion pants or flounce maxi dress – you will be equally beautiful and self-confident.

It doesn’t matter if your body is far from meeting recognized standards. Don’t be upset, if you are curvy. Fashionable plus size women’s clothing is quite available in any decent store. It is not an insurmountable challenge to look gorgeous without reducing your body to a socially approved and acceptable size. In days past you would have deformed your body by corsets or other unpleasant accessories to look beautiful.

But the past also had its pros. Only natural fabrics, only real diamonds, hand embroideries created splendid and unforgettable looks of genuine duchesses or countesses. No artificial gems, no negligence of her attire – true aristocratic style was inimitable.

Some Words about Eternal Symbols
But there are some things which have retained a certain status of luxury items over the ages. Fur is a good example of such an item. It was an attribute of richness and wealth. Some furs were highly valuable. For example, white ermine furs were a symbol of royalty in Europe; mink fur stoles, coats, or tippets demonstrated creditworthiness and were the quintessence of good taste.

The invention of inexpensive synthetic textiles made it possible to give up natural fur in favor of artificial materials. Social and ecological responsibility has gained an importance in our modern world, and the ideas of inadmissibility of cruelty towards animals became a particularly acute problem. Some designers and fashion houses reject natural fur due to the moral aspect of the issue.

Such luxury fashion brands as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Prada are announced to be real fur-free. They offer luxury women’s clothing meeting the demand for ethical products. Even ceremonial robes of members of the UK House of Lords are trimmed with artificial ermine fur now, breaking the traditions and paying tribute to modern trends. That is why a question “What is a mink coat made out of?” sounds not so odd today. A mink coat may turn out to do with real mink.

But at the same time real fur is still just as glamorous as it used to be many years ago. It is associated with lavish spending and demonstrates a certain social status. And artificial fur item is just a compromise for many women, whose dream is not affordable to them.

The same is true of jewelry. No matter how beautiful and bright imitations are, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.

So it doesn’t matter what century it is now. Women’s stylish clothes could be found in any period of time, and it depends on a woman if she is able to wear it highlighting her obvious attraction.


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