Medium Length Hairstyles for Women – Best trends in 2020

medium length hairstyles

If your hair is medium in length, you get the benefits of trying hairstyles for long hair, while keeping your hair short. They’re not too short to only try pixie cut hairdos or even stick to a classic bob. Medium length hairstyles are universal as they let you do several types of hairdos and make those strands manageable. Here is a list of hairstyles with pictures that will help you stick to the trend and let you try new looks.

Reasons to have medium length hair

If you’re wondering why you should at all cut your hair down to medium length here are some reasons to back that thought:

1. Manageable

Medium length hair is manageable only because they’re shorter in length. If you’ve had long hair for times unknown, you’d be familiar with the kind of maintenance it needs. Since the warmer months are approaching, you might find it more difficult to manage long hair. Instead of making a ponytail or stuffing up a bun, it is better to have a length that makes it manageable.

2. Various styling options

When your hair is medium in length, the styling options are way more. From curls to straight hair, from bangs to messy center-parts, there are many styles to try. Scroll down to find out all the styles you can do with your medium length hair.

3. Quick to wash and style

Medium hair length needs little time when it comes to maintaining and styling. From oiling to shampooing, from drying to styling, it takes little time to do it all. If you have just about 30 minutes to get ready, your medium hair length will suit your constraints. Whereas shampooing a really long hair needs you to wake up slightly earlier and go through a lengthy hair care process.

4. Perfect for thinning hair

Medium hairstyles are ideal for women who have thin hair. Longer hair might feel worn down and cause more hair to fall. If you have thin hair or your hair is thinning due to hair fall, you should maintain medium length hair. It prevents more hair fall and lets you style your hair nicely.

5. Keeps up the trend

From Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift, from Ashley Graham to Emma Stone, we’ve seen plenty of celebrities rock the medium hairstyles. It is time you try your hands on these looks and see what suits you face type and what you wear.

Top medium length hairstyles

Here is a list of the best medium length hairstyles that you need to try this year:

1. The messy center-part

Here is starting with the most trendy hairstyle that follows up from the list of medium length hairstyles 2019. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it looks natural, even when it’s not. This is perfect for a hair length that’s short to medium, so if you chop down a lot in length, you can maintain this style for some time.

If your hair is naturally wavy, you have little to do here. Although the picture below shows a side partition, we would first like you to try the center partition. All you need to do is, part your hair from the middle of your scalp and see how it flows. Depending on the natural style of your hair, it will either be wavy, curly, or straight. if it is straight, you need a hair-perm tool and achieve this look. You have to carefully perm the strands to make the look natural and unruly instead of properly permed. If your hair is extremely curly, you need to straighten it and then try this look. Little curls or wavy hair can be easily styled like this because when the hair is short to medium, it doesn’t curl up too much.

2. Medium length hairstyles with bangs

Bangs never go out of trend because they add a definition to your overall hairstyle and look. Even when you’re letting the hair flow without using any styling tool, bangs just naturally pull off a great style.

If you’re planning to get bangs and maintain this style for sometimes, it is best to chop off your long hair in this way. If you want bangs, but don’t want to have this hairstyle all through, you can buy a clip-on. Just like other hair extensions, clips on help you achieve a look like this without having to cut it in a certain way.

To carry out this look, you simply need to let your hair open. if you have straight to wavy hair, let it naturally pull off making the bangs the center of attraction. You can always style the tips of hair or from shoulder level to below. In this picture we see straight hair going down in waves and forming curls in the end. You can even try this look and pull off those bangs.

Along with bangs covering your forehead, you can also try having a hairstyle with fringes. As the bangs start growing longer, you can part it from one side and let fringes fall over your face.

3. Waves in steps

If your hair is naturally wavy and medium to long in length, you can try this easy hairstyle. Women with straight hair can use a curler or even a straightener to make the end of the steps curl out.

Well, this hairstyle is not just about the style, but also the hair cut. It will suit women who have their hair cut in steps. This way, every section will have a definition and add to the overall look. If you think this haircut will suit your face shape, you can get your hair cut in this way.

The style is a simple center-part, that lets the step hair flow and have the same balance on both sides. Just use your hair tool and get it waved up towards the end, and that will make your hair have a proper finish.

4. The messy bun

Most women think that they can only make a hair bun when they have long hair. But anything from medium to long hair can help you get this look. Instead of going with a regular bun that looks too mainstream, you can try out a messy bun.

Let the strands of your hair fall to the front if you have shorters steps cut. These hair strands will not reach the back in order to create the bun. Back brush the longer strands and hold your hair up like a ponytail. Once you know how much hair can add up to the bun, you simply twist it to create the shape. Pin it up or use a clutch to keep the hair intact. These are perfect looks for office times or for events you need to rush around for.

5. Wavy side-part

One of the best advantages of following medium length hairstyles is that you can keep your hair open. Most women keep away from having their hair open when it is really long. Unless your hair is absolutely manageable or the environment isn’t humid, you can think about letting the long strands flow.

If you really love keeping your hair open and you want to make the most of such styles, try out a natural look without much to do. On the other hand, ifyour hair has grown to medium length or you’d cut them down from lengthier strands, all you got to do is let it flow.

If your hair is wavy, all you have to do is make a side partition and let the strands flow. You can slide the thinner side of the partition to the back and bring the thicker side to the front. You can also use a styling tool to make your hair look wavy and natural. This look is pretty easy and goes with almost anything you wear.

6. Straight and simple

How many times could you not keep your straight open because it was too long? Well, it is now time to fix that and keep it simple. Many times we don’t realize how a simple hairstyle can redefine the look you carry and what you wear. Moreover, when you’re trying to make your look subtle or focus more on what you’re wearing, you might want to keep the hair simpler.

If you don’t have straight hair naturally, you will need a straightening tool to make it look like this. Just brush your hair to the back or make a center part. One interesting thing about this hairstyle is that the hair is cut at the same length. It doesn’t have steps but looks straight and manageable. This is yet another look that you might want to carry to work,

medium length hairstyles

7. Fringes and steps

There are some hairstyles we tend to do because that suits our face shape. For example, if your face is round, you’d want hair to fall on your face as fringes or on the sides, in order to make it look toned. A top knot or a ponytail might make your face look bigger than it really is.

The hairstyle we have here shows that the hair is cut in steps. There are fringes in front so if you’re cutting your hair short enough for bangs, you can try this look too. The hair is straight but curls up towards the tip. This makes the hairstyle look defined and not just simply straight. The highlights of blonde in chocolate brown hair also adds to the style. You can carry this hairstyle for any event and it does suit an office look too.

8. Curl extensions for medium hair

If you’re someone who has always had medium length hair, you might want to add more length to it. This hairstyle option if for those women who already have medium hair, but want their hair to look longer.

If your hair is naturally wavy or straight, you might want to try proper curls sometimes. In this hairstyle option, we share how a set of extensions can give you such a look, without having to go through hairstyling tools.

In the picture below, we see a woman with medium length brown hair. A hairstylist is helping her add curly extension is brown and blonde, to blend it in with her natural hair. You have to curl up the natural strands to make the entire look blended in. However, you can also keep the natural part straight and make it look curled up towards the bottom.

Many women wish to refrain from hair styling tools as they make their hair weaker or damaged. If you’re one of them you can invest in some real hair extensions and give your hair a new look every day.

medium length hairstyles

9. Natural curls

Anyone who isn’t born with natural curls like most people of African origin always wants to try pulling off a look like that. You should try and curl your medium to long hair entirely to pull off a look you desire. All you need is a curler and this look is good to go.

The picture below makes us believe that the model naturally has curly hair. For you to achieve this look, you have to start styling from the roots. The hair has been parted from the middle and left open. To make it more natural, let the winds make your hair look a little messy and unruly. Note that curly hair is more difficult to manage. So, before going in for such a look, you must be prepared.

10. Center top ponytail

To pull off a casual look that you can carry to college, try this one. You need to section out your hair in three portions. The two sides will fall equally on two ends, while with the section in the middle, you create a top ponytail. In order to make the top ponytail, you need to lift the hair up and then tie a hairband. It shouldn’t look like a regular ponytail else it will fall more to the back. If your hair is wavy to curly, you need to straighten it up to get the perfect look.

medium length hairstyles

There is a lot more to do with your hair when you have the medium length. Just keep trying and styling yourself to fit into every look you carry.


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