4 Signs Your Well Water Pump Needs Fixing

well water pump

It’s estimated that over 13 million households around the U.S. rely on the use of private wells for their drinking water. Unfortunately, one drawback of this source of water is when your well water pump stops working properly.

The good news is most pumps don’t stop working suddenly. Instead, they will show a few signs of a problem. Keep reading to learn what the most common signs of an issue with a well water pump are here.

1. Water Pressure Fluctuations

There are several reasons you may see a change in the water pressure throughout your home. While it doesn’t always mean the pump is going bad, it’s a good idea to check with the professionals to know for sure.

A well pump runs on electric motors, which means if the motor fails, you will see a fluctuation in water pressure. At this point, it’s a good idea to invest in Well Pump Repair services.

2. The Water Pump Runs Constantly

This is often a sign of a problem with the pressure tank, or it could be a sign that the pump isn’t able to draw water from the well efficiently. If this happens, the pump may run consistently to keep a fresh supply of water going to the home.

3. Clicking Sounds or a Noisy Pressure Tank

The pressure tank holds a bladder that is full of air. This is like the inner tube in your bike tire. This bladder may develop a leak or begin to lose air.

If this happens, you may notice there is a rapid or constant clicking sound coming from the pressure switch. This is located near the pump’s pressure tank.

If air from the bladder escapes from the pressure tank, it will cause the well pump to start and stop regularly, which puts strain on the motor. Over time, failed pressure tank bladders will be bad on the pump’s electric motor. This is an issue that will reduce the life expectancy of the pump significantly.

If you begin to hear loud sounds, it’s a good idea to call the professionals for an inspection.

4. Scalding Water

If you are in the shower and someone in the house flushes a toilet, it will cause scalding hot water for a few seconds. If this happens, there is probably a problem with the pressure tank.

That’s because your home may have a two or three handle shower or tub valves and these don’t have any pressure-balancing spools in place like the newer single-handle valves offer. A drip in pressure from the malfunctioning pressure tank will let more hot water than cold water through, which creates the surge of scalding water.

Does Your Well Water Pump Need Repairs?

If you need any of the issues listed here, it’s a good idea to invest in well water pump repair. If you aren’t sure if this is necessary, it’s a good idea to contact the professionals.

For more tips and information about maintaining the systems in your home, check out some of our other blogs.


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