Tips for Saving Money when Designing Your Home

Saving Money when Designing Your Home

Whether your home is brand new or you’re planning on a remodel, custom designing your home is a great way to save money while improving the look and value of your home. However, while it is more affordable to do things yourself than to have a professional company come do it, you can still be looking at a large expense.

If you go into designing without any sort of plan or advice, you could end up spending far too much money on your home, and ultimately not getting any sort of value back from the design choices. Let’s go over a few helpful tips that will allow you to save money while designing your home per your tastes.

Five Tips for Saving the Most Money in Home Decorating

So, how can you save the most amount of money when in the process of designing your home? Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you can do the job you want on a budget. 

1: Plot Your Theme in Advance

A lot of people go into home design flying by the seat of their pants, buying pieces B and C to fit with fix A. The better way to go about this process to save some money is to figure out what sort of theme you want first. For instance, if you decide on something like Tuscan, or revival, traditional, etc., you can start picking up budget pieces as you go to design around the theme, rather than filling orders to create a theme.

2: Decorate in Order

Another great way by which you can save money when designing your home is to start in order and work your way through the home. For example, far too often is the case that someone will find a nice stove or a tub and design around these hugely expensive items. By the time everything matches the high-end items, the price tag is enormous. Start with your entry and work through the home, piecing your items together as you go through. 

3: Repurpose Your Existing Furnishings

One thing you should consider doing to save money is repurposing existing furniture. New fabric on an old sofa with a good frame can save you thousands, and the same with a new coat of stain on old wooden tables and chairs. You can find a ton of different finishes that will help existing furniture match your theme, and the end result is saving a lot of money in your designing options. 

4: Save at Big Box Stores

Shopping at big-box chain stores can also help you save money. While a store like Target, for instance, might be thought of for clothing and food, they have recently stepped up their quality or home design elements inside of the store, especially for living rooms. While they have always been a key player for kitchen and bathrooms, most Targets now have chic, bohemian and posh home design items at their everyday low prices. The plus about Target and other big box stores is you can usually find coupons online as well as bundle them with manufacturers coupons and the stores on loyalty programs. The money-savvy experts at help you learn how to save money at Target, some of their recommendations include using the RED Card, combining coupons, and shopping within special sales. 

5: Check Second-Hand Stores

You don’t always have to shop for brand new. Thrift store or a flea market or even someone’s yard sale is a great place to find gently used gems that go with your home’s décor theme. This is the ideal location to find unique one-of-a-kind items like barstools, tables, old sets of china, old hutches, and tons of other items that you can repurpose or use as-is. The best thing about these outlets is that you’re spending mere pennies on the dollar compared to buying brand new. 

Have Fun!

If you’re willing to invest some time before you start your project, you can figure out plenty of ways to save money. Plan ahead, build around a theme, don’t be afraid to repurpose, and always look for deals at stores like Target. Do those things, and you can save a lot of money on your entire project.


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