Classic Haircuts That Will Never Go Out of Style


Some haircuts are memorable for all the wrong reasons. I am sure many of us have lived through questionable hair decades that we would like to forget. However, some hair cuts have withstood the test of time as trendy, elegant, and chic. These classics have been requested of stylists again and again. Whether you desire short or long, sleek or voluminous, these timeless haircuts are sure to fit the bill. Whatever style you choose, contact experienced professionals at hair salon Sunny Isles and schedule an appointment. Visit their skilled hair stylists, and discuss which haircut fits your face the most. Professionals can estimate it at a glance.

The Ever-Trendy Pixie

First, is the ever-trendy pixie cut. Beloved by celebrities of the sixties like Twiggy  this elegant haircut is just as striking today. Bold, yet feminine, it forgoes traditional long locks for a truly statement look. Top it off with side-swept wispy fringe for a playful look or comb it back for sleek sophistication. 

The Classic Bob

Next is a haircut with many variations, the Bob. From inverted to the Lob, one thing is for certain, the classic Bob endures. Leave it blunt and sleek for an opulent event or tousle it for a laidback dinner with friends. With minimal layers falling just below the chin, the Bob is simple, understated, and undoubtedly undying.  

 Classic Bob

The Laidback Shag

On the opposite end of the haircut spectrum is the shag. This carefree and versatile cut has withstood the test of time. Many layers mean it lends itself to a variety of face shapes and hair textures. Whether you are going for a rocker vibe or simply laidback, the shag is a perfect choice. 

Carefree Curls

Similarly carefree are curled on curls on curls. Women who aren’t afraid to let their natural texture shine have us envious over their fun and bouncy locks. Adding in layers will not only create stunning volume but will leave your hair light and playful. After all, all-natural is the original classic look. 

Carefree Curls

Effortless Long Layers

Long, side-swept layers are the epitome of effortless elegance. A little girl-next-door but also exquisite enough for royals like Kate Middleton, it exudes grace. Voluminous and flattering, long layers are always a safe bet. 

Elegant Waves

Vintage waves ala Old Hollywood or boho-chic beachy waves, this effortless style never seems to go out of fashion. A shoulder-length cut is best for voluminous waves that ooze low maintenance and carefree.  

Fabulous Full Bangs

Don’t let your old elementary photos dissuade you, full bangs when done correctly can be charming and sophisticated. Your fringe can be blunt or wispy and paired with long locks or a short crop. Just be prepared for regular maintenance including styling and trims.  

A Chic Layered Crop

A layered crop often pairs well with bangs. One example of a beautifully layered crop can be seen worn by Natasha Richardson in the nineties class the Parent Trap; another, like Jane Fonda’s perennial haircut. Numerous layers make this style full of volume, personality, and a little sass. As long as you have plenty of product, the classic layered crop is easy to pull off while still looking polished.   

The Alluring French Bob 

The final classic haircut? A French Bob. This haircut is one that seems to always be in vogue, no matter the time period or your location. It seamlessly transitions from strolling down the Seine to a black-tie event. That is because this style is all about looking mussed while still exuding sophistication. Naturally, wavy hair perfectly lends itself to this laissez-faire haircut.  

Trendy Haircuts

There is certainly nothing wrong with trying for a fashion-forward, trendy haircut. These barrier-breaking haircuts are striking and modern. But when you are ready to fall back on a classic option, opt for a timeless style. 

Timeless Cuts

Thankfully, several haircuts never seem to go out of style and are sure to keep you from fading into the background. They suit a variety of face shapes, hair textures, and personalities. Whether you want to rock out with a shag, channel royalty with long layers, or be the epitome of elegance with a sleek bob, the perfect timeless haircut is out there beckoning you to the salon chair.


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