How to Not Get Caught Up in a Family Routine – 5 Rules of Mother of Three

Rules of mother

I was frequently asked to share my experience on how to not get stuck on a family routine. So I’ve learned something for 11 years so far and even got my own personal approach. Moms who have been reading me for a long time say that my recommendations really help them and I am very happy about that!

So, if you’re a busy mother and want to stay a loving woman and a caring wife without losing yourself, developing harmoniously as an individual, then check out my five go-to rules:

1. Mom should have activities apart from kids

Yes, it’s not necessary to look for a hobby with the first baby. Everything is new and interesting here, the first-born is a remarkable hobby you won’t get bored with. But after the birth of my second child, I started to search actively for my favorite activity, because I felt not interesting and lonely. So I decided to take a shot on television, I participated in many family-related programs, talk shows, and commercials. It was interesting and profitable, mostly our whole family was being filmed. And after the birth of the third baby, going to auditions has become a big problem because of the number of kids and differences in timetables. For about a year, I’ve been actively hunting for an activity that I could do at home with kids. And so my own parenting blog was born. Now, this is my hobby, which helps me get my mind off, speak out, be inspired and totally fulfilled. As for my plans for the future – I’m going to create my own family show! No matter how big your family is, there is always the opportunity to do what you love. The main point is to think over and find out something that’s treating you well. As Steve Jobs said ” … have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

2. Kids should have their daily steady schedule

No doubt, if mom wants to do something in addition to children then she needs to allow time for this. And the schedule helps a lot here. First, it’s very useful in terms of our well-being to eat and sleep at the same time. And second, it makes life way easier for mom. All our kids go to bed at 8-9 pm. Thanks to the regime, there are no problems with the waking up and getting ready for school, the morning passes without fights because everybody got enough sleep. Breakfast is already done, baby milk bottles are warmed up, the juice is just squeezed. And in the evening parents have time for themselves – you can work if you’d like to, or work out your relationship 🙂

Weekends is family time

3. Weekends is family time!

Once we came up with this rule and so it caught on so hard that now I can’t imagine how we can live otherwise. I don’t put off doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and other household chores until the weekends, but I do my best to do everything  I need during the week. The kids also don’t do homework at weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are families weekends – we usually walk around, travel, go to the cinema or cafe, play and have fun all together. A weekend full of interesting events energizes our family for the whole week and of course, it brings us together. There is no feeling of a constant dull life, there are just five more difficult days that you need just to overcome, but then you will be full of joy!

4. Cut out some time for your husband

When parents get on well, this is reflected in their kids, they are happy and excited. Yes, and partners are also happy to help each other with no complaints and reproaches. Being a loving couple is awesome! To keep your relationship romantic and emotions run high, you have to go out for a date without kids sometimes. Such meetings break down the daily routine and prevent the couple from turning into just regular parents. Once a week we take our kids to our granny for 3 hours or overnight, and we go out. Therefore we’re still in love after 12 years of marriage.

5. Prioritize

Make your priorities clear. Allow the most time for what you like and interested in. Try to not waste your time on those things that give you no joy. This is my favorite rule. And it’s really possible: do things that get you a buzz! I don’t t iron clothes and make culinary masterpieces all the time. I believe that the baby won’t remember the washed floor or shiny window sills. I share household chores with kids and never redo the work they’ve done. And if I have a break, I’d rather devote it to my blog, get a rest or walk around, rather than cleaning. I am into impressions, but these are my priorities.


Have a lack of time to do everything at once is ok. Mom is not a robot, she cannot wash up and walk her children, cook and get groceries simultaneously… Find out what the most important thing is for you and go ahead not looking back! Don’t follow stereotypes, but listen to your feelings.


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