5 Ways to Represent Your Company’s Culture


Besides the fact that you want your business to be successful, there is another important thing you should think about. Building your company’s culture and personality. And sometimes, this can turn out to be more challenging than you thought. Several factors can influence the culture of your company; some of them are mission, goals, team, values, ethics, expectations, work environment, etc.

Company culture is something that is also important for your employees. Sure, your clients should also be able to recognize it, but the accent should also be on your employees, on those who spend every day here, working on the success of your company. However, establishing a company culture is a process that could last for years. It takes time for everyone to start feeling like they are all a part of one team, to build a community of people who can function together and complement each other.

This is also important for your future employees because while your business is growing, you will often have the need to find new people. And for them, it is essential that your company culture is presented in the right way. Otherwise, it may be too confusing. Hence, one of the best ways to embody your company culture and represent it to your clients, future and current employees, is to dedicate one part of your lobby or reception area to it. So here are some of our suggestions on how to do it.

Wrap Your Wall With Vinyl Poster

This is a great way to add a bit of creativity into your space and accent one wall by displaying things that represent your company culture. You can use stickers, quotes, mottos, os even some stats that tell the story about your success. Find a designer who knows how to style it properly, and you will get a modern-looking wall that is going to transform your space and boost the morale of your employees. But not just that, it is also something that should get the attention of your clients and inform them about your business. Plus, it is not so expensive, so you can update it or change as your company grows along the way.

Donor Wall

If you are running a startup company that gathered funds through donors, or your organization receives donations frequently, you can put an accent on that by creating a donor wall. First, make sure that all of your donors agree that you display their name publicly in your office, and then start thinking about how to arrange that. Consult with a designer to help you find the best solution. Do not just make a list of names and engrave it on a metal plate. You can use custom metal signs for each donor, and create a beautiful-looking wall design that is going to showcase the company’s values and inspire more people to donate.

Collage Your Story

You can dedicate one wall to representing the core of your company, your team. But do not go with those boring pictures in front of a white wall where everyone is smiling and wearing a white shirt. Use photos from your last team building instead, for example. Arrange them in some composition and voila. You can use mounted canvas prints, acrylic prints, or even add a layer of glass. Overall it is going to look good because nothing represents company culture better than the people who work there. And by taking some spontaneous pics, you will show them in a more fun way, and as a team that everybody wants to be a part of.

3D Lettering

3D Lettering

3D lettering is one budget-friendly and pretty-looking way to make sure everyone will read your message. You can choose to display certain quotes that go along with the company’s mission, or even use your own words. Every wall can have one quote, or they all can be displayed on one wall, etc. Options are endless. It will entertain your clients while they are waiting and inform them about the mission and goals of your company, and at the same time, it will keep motivating your employees and create an uplifting atmosphere.

Interactive Corner

This also depends on the type of your company, but if your brand has a more open-minded business philosophy and wants to interact with its clients, you can increase engagement by installing interactive corners. It could be a chalkboard wall or picture corner with a vinyl graphic sticker where everyone would like to take a picture with. Anything that is inviting and that your customers would like to share on their social media. You get free marketing, and people can get a sense of your company culture.

The Bottom Line

Building a positive company culture and the ways through which you can display it can vary from business to business. A lawyer’s office will probably use a different approach than a dentist’s office, for example, but that does not have to be the case. Sometimes it is interesting to see those companies we consider too serious and strict, show off their “human” side, without black suits and ties. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box, and avoid stereotypes and same old boring solutions, ask your employees for advice, and we are sure they’ll start brainstorming in no time.  


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