Why do you think we always fall for our best friend?


There is not a single speck of hesitation that you all will agree with me in the fact that love is the purest emotion we can ever feel. The feeling of falling in love with someone is unrivaled. But the feeling of falling in love with our dearest best friend is something extra-terrestrial. Yes, some of you may frown upon the fact of calling him a best friend when you think you are in love with him.

While that is true, yet falling in love with our best friend does not violate the sanctity of friendship. We are just transported to a new realm of friendship when we fall in love with our best friend. Being in a committed relationship and making that relationship work is based on nothing but friendship. But if we fall in love with someone other than our best friend, the relationship starts at first, and then they move onto friendship to continue the committed relationship as partners.

However, in the case of falling in love with our best friend, the friendship is already there to facilitate our committed relationship. Therefore, the romance is swifter and more fluent. So, to speak now, let’s dive into the benefits of falling in love with our best friend.

  1. Already knows your shortcomings

Yes, being a human being means we come with certain deficiencies. Not a single person is devoid of that. The funny fact is that it is your best friend who knows all your shortcomings right from the beginning. It is with your best friend, and you share your deepest secrets, fears, anxiety.

He/she knows you more than you know about yourself. He/she is the sole witness of your bad habits, negative emotions. He/she has seen you in your worst version. He/she is the one who stands beside you in all the hell you go through.

So, without having the slightest hint, you are already synchronizing with him/her. Falling in love with him/her is inevitable because he/she is your greatest confidant you can ever have. After falling in love, you do not require to hide your secrets or shortcoming. You can comfortably concentrate on what is positive among you. You are not lagging with dangerous secrets or emotions in your relationship.

  1. Say goodbye to initial pretentions 

You all can agree with me with the fact at the starting of every relationship, and we always pretend something that we are not. Some might be impulsive or insecure. But we hide that fact at the beginning of our relationship so that we do not scare off our partner. But as the relationship progresses, our hidden features become more apparent. That is when all those rigorous, heart-wrenching fights begin.

However, when we fall in love with our best friend, the concept of being pretentious is already out of the window. He/she already knows you to the core, and even after knowing every single of your dark sides, he/she fell in love with you. You can be spontaneous right from the beginning of your relationship. You do not need to give any special effort to keep him/her hooked with you.

  1. Saw you in your previous relationships

When we are in a relationship it is with our best friend, we share all our relationship secrets, be it a positive or negative secret. Whenever we are pissed with our partner, we always vent our frustrations to our best friend. Thus, your best friend knows how you work in a relationship, what is your perception about a relationship.

So, when you enter a relationship with your best friend, you face no problem in clicking in that relationship. You both already know what your partner expects from the relationship. It acts as a massive help shortly in the relationship with your best friend.

  1. No ego problem

Every relationship has some ego problems between its partners. That ego may remain unspoken. But it unravels itself in intense situations in the form of struggle or disagreement. But if you have a relationship with your best friend, the ego is never there. You even happen to roast each other without getting touchy about it.

It brings a breath of fresh air in your relationship where you can speak with the heart to each other without holding something back. When you are utterly honest and truthful with your partner, the relationship never hits a bump. Everything you have to say about the other one, everything you hold a grudge for, everything you want to improve in your partner is on the table to discuss. It can always give a unique boost to your relationship.

  1. Has a familiar friend circle

Marrying your best friend is still great for post-marriage socialization in the sense that you both have a familiar friend circle. Having a familiar friend circle means your spouse does not have to be awkward in your friend circle, and you do not have to awkward in his/her friend circle.

Such fluent socialization has a significant benefit in your relationship because you never become judgmental or dodgy about your spouse’s friend. You and your spouse with your friend circle become a happy unit of fun, laughter, and happiness, which can only cater to the well-being of your relationship.

  1. Family acceptance is great

As your better half was already your best friend in the past, it means your family already accepted him or her as a family member. Spending time in your best friend’s house was a daily routine. So, an attachment of your best friend with your family member was always there.

It reduces a massive burden from your spouse’s head the anxiety of meeting new family, whether they will accept him/her or not. So, you are always one step ahead than other relationships in this matter. So, to wrap it up, we can say that falling in love and marrying your best friend is the greatest thing that can ever happen to you.

You have no idea how blessed you can be. The more day you spend days with your best friend slash life partner, the more you will explore how your previous chemistry of friendship has facilitated your marriage and eased your way in this relationship.


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