9 Swoon-Worthy Country Wedding Ideas

country wedding ideas

Sure, city weddings are great but there’s just something beautiful about a country wedding! The rustic invitations, vintage dresses, and all-natural setting are just enough to make anyone want to get married all over again!

Not only are country-themed weddings sweet and intimate, but they are also easy to style and can be hosted in any setting and during any season.

When you think of country weddings, don’t just think about cowboy boots, homemade pies, and mason jars. Although those are great ideas!

Let us take a look at nine swoon-worthy country wedding ideas that you may or may not have considered before!

1. Tie the Knot in a Barn

A barn is the ideal location for a swoon-worthy country wedding as it is spacious enough to accommodate your guests, has breathtaking views and incorporates a variety of natural and nature-inspired elements. Not only are barn weddings cozy, intimate and beautiful they can also be very affordable.

The barn is also a convenient place to have the reception and you can decorate it with hanging garlands and flowers.

2. Build a Hay Bale

Hay bales are a great addition to your country themed outdoor or barn wedding. There are myriads of ways to incorporate hay bales into your country styled wedding.

You can use lace-covered hay bale couches for seating guests. You can also use hay bales to decorate the aisles and as ceremony props. Hay bales have been an ancient trend for country styled weddings and they are not going anywhere any time soon!

3. Flowery Crowns

Flowery crowns are becoming increasingly popular for brides, and no wonder, they’re stunning! For a bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil, a floral crown is an ideal replacement.

It is said that in the old days, single ladies would make crowns from freshly picked flowers and this would signify that they were ready for marriage. It was believed that doing this would help them find their soul mate. So they’re not just super sweet and stylish, but they have a unique symbolism and they give brides an elegantly stunning vintage vibe.

4. Earthy, Greenery-Adorned Cakes

Whether you have a one tiered or four-tiered cake, adding greenery and wildflowers to your semi-naked cake will give it an elegant, earthy, natural touch. Also, doing subtle shades on your cake and adding floral garnishes will definitely make a delectable impression.

Mounting your cake on a wooden cake stand is something to consider. It enhances the country theme of your wedding and evokes an even more exquisite aura.

5. Wildflower Boutonnieres

Although they’re small, men’s boutonnieres can make a big impact! Try adding some bold greenery, like leafy greens or herbs to give your groom and groomsmen that natural, outdoorsy, stylish blend.

Here are some perfect flowers for boutonnieres:

  • Brunia flowers
  • Dusty millers
  • Purple clematis
  • Craspedia
  • Balsa wood flowers

These are all great boutonniere decoration ideas for your country themed wedding.

6. Wooden Arches

Tying the knot under a wooden arch is a beautiful symbol and acts as a premonition of a couple that will work together to build something beautiful, long-lasting and strong! It has various beautiful meanings across different cultures but it exudes the same beautiful aura wherever it is placed.

Not sure how to style your wooden arch? Try adding flowers, ferns, willow branches or even mirrors! They can come in any shape as well, be it rectangular, free form, triangular or crescent.

7. A Vintage Victorian Dress

A swoon-worthy country wedding would not be complete without a vintage styled wedding dress. Imagine gracefully walking down the aisle in a beautifully flowing, floor-length, soft laced, bohemian style gown with crochet details that complement the color scheme of your big day.

Your wedding dress will be symbolic of a timeless piece that can be passed down for years without being out of style. You will be looking like the regal, Victorian queen on your special day.

8. Custom-Styled Invitations

You can take your favorite invitation and use watercolor, calligraphy accents and wood to make them a rustic wonder! Country styled wedding invitations give guests a unique, stylish and homely welcome to your big day.

You can accentuate them with various Victorian, garden or vintage designs to make each invitee feels special and warmly welcomed.

9. Other Country Wedding Ideas

Let’s say you are not able to have the barn, hay bales, and wooden arch, but you still want a country-style/farm wedding. A classic green and white color scheme will do the trick!

It adds a lot of elegance to the setting and introduces a natural, earthy and rustic feel to the venue. Ensure that you incorporate a lot of foliage and organic elements where possible.

You can line the aisles with potted plants, palms leaves, delphiniums or even lanterns. If you are lucky enough to have your farm wedding in the countryside or on a farm, then try to keep the decorations minimal as you do not want to overcrowd the venue.

Thankfully for you, your surrounding scenery is all that’s needed for a beautiful backdrop. The countryside usually has a vintage, natural feel that will define your décor. So, no need to do any extensive decorating; simple vintage centerpieces, bistro lighting, and eucalyptus aisles will do.

A Sweet Ending to a New Beginning!

These country wedding ideas will be sure to add the icing on the cake for your big day! You may have the ceremony in a barn, or outdoors as the surrounding scenery makes for a stunning backdrop.

Hay bales and wooden arches decorated with flowers and uniquely designed branches, earthy cakes, and floral crowns, are just the intimate touches your special day needs. Wedding trends have come and gone but country weddings and farm weddings have proven that they are here to stay!

It’s not just about their naturally beautiful and family-like setting but these wedding inspirations have a wealth of history and symbolism behind them.

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