The danger of traveling with sex toys in your suitcase

safe to use sex toys

Be careful if you are going to travel with ‘hot’ gadgets this holiday because you can get a good deal of upset. We’ll tell you about it.

If you’re going to travel with sex toys in your suitcase this summer, you need to think twice about it. You may miss them at your vacation destination, but you can save yourself the trouble by taking note of the following information.

The Dangers of Flying with Sex Toys

A survey carried out by ‘Sexplace’ has pointed out that 65% of women will travel this summer with their toys in their luggage. Of all of them, 5% have had to explain or change their luggage when travelling by plane or train because they do not comply with the limit of millilitres or shape of the toy suggests My Sex Toy Guide.

In other words, if you have a somewhat strange vibrator in your suitcase and the airport security team considers it to be something strange, strange or dangerous, they may ask you to take it out and give the appropriate explanations.

But if we have a problem with it, we can tell them and that’s it (everyone defecates and everyone has sex, no offence). However, some women may be embarrassed by this moment.

Beware of lubricants

The same could happen if we travel by plane and carry a lubricant in a bottle that exceeds 100 ml in our hand luggage. “Laws do not explicitly prohibit carrying erotic toys in luggage, however, we must bear in mind that, in order to travel with lubricants or any other erotic cosmetics, we must follow the same rules regarding liquids in hand luggage. Do not exceed 100ml and also carry them in transparent plastic and resealable bag”, details Laura Hermoso, spokesperson for ‘Sexplace’.

Erotic toys that are forbidden

If after reading all this you have decided that there is no other way and that without your vibrator, oil and lubricant you are not going anywhere, pay attention to the recommendations: they can save you a bad drink at airports and customs. 

And watch out, erotic toys related to BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism) are forbidden in hand luggage on planes.

  1. Oils and lubricants: you must take into account the rules and laws about travelling in the cabin with containers of more than 100 ml. It is very common to encounter problems in this regard.
  2. Metal or glass vibrators: another recurrent problem during these dates and when travelling by plane is having problems with the vibrator that is carried in the hand luggage. It is best to check the maximum measurements allowed so that you do not have to throw it away when passing through customs.
  3. Handcuffs and other BDSM toys: another frequent problem according to the women consulted by the erotic chain is that related to the bondage theme. Remember that toys such as whips, whips, handcuffs etc. are not allowed in hand luggage.

And this is all, reader. Do you use many erotic toys? Do you travel with them?

Some tips to keep in mind

The truth is, as we have been saying, that transporting our erotic toys on a trip is not a major problem. If the gadget is a vibrator, just block it out so it starts acting out of nowhere. The locks, in quality erotic toys, deactivate the central unit, so even if some of the controls are activated involuntarily, it will not start moving under any circumstances, as the combination that deactivates the lock is practically impossible to do so involuntarily.

If what we are worried about is the safety of our toy and that it resists the “loving” movement with which luggage is usually handled, the best thing to do is to take it in the cabin luggage, even if we have to go through the control with it and not check it in. If you have to check it in, for example, because you are carrying several, it is best to place them in the middle of the suitcase, protected by a protective cover and cushioned from impacts by the clothes you are carrying.

Nor should forget the charger and if it is a power outlet (today, most recharge by USB) take into account the power supply of the countries where we go to, if necessary, carry with us an adapter. And a little more. Remember, if anything, that what we are transporting is not a marijuana plantation or a weapon of mass destruction but an element that dignifies us much more than it compromises us.

And if we still run into some “picky” in the safety zone, remember that there are no more restrictions to carry them than the absolutely reasonable ones (if your thing is the “medical” of BDSM, do not take blades to shave half the population of destination) and if what we run into is some “horny”, you can always say that we take it because the world is increasingly full of funny that never tend to give the measure and to be helped with some supplement (vitamins are not always enough …).

Ah! And have a good trip… And if this is a holiday, remember that the good ones are the ones you need the rest of the year to recover from them. There are erotic toys that never run out of batteries and that only need to talk (well, talk, maybe better not to talk).


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