Over-the-Top Wedding Ideas to Try for Your Big Day


Planning a wedding takes months of dedicated time and effort. There are many details to bring together, often within a constrained budget. Therefore, it can be hard to decide where to splurge a little more to make your big day unique and memorable for you and your guests. 

In this article, we highlight some creative and distinct ideas that you can borrow to add that extra sparkle to your big day.

Custom Neon Signs

While wooden signs are charming and mirrored signs elegant, they have been more than a little common these past few years. If you’re looking for something more modern, you can use neon signs in place of your wooden or mirrored signs.

Neon signs are colorful, creative and purposeful – you can use them to direct guests, label different stations, or tell your love story. Being lit, they’re harder to miss and hence useful for communicating important wedding details. You can use them to highlight your new monogram or even communicate the hashtag for those tweeting or sharing your wedding on social media.

Be sure to hang your neon signs creatively for a catchy display, and avoid tacky messages or colors in the lights. White and pastel-colored lights are good choices regardless of your theme colors: you don’t want that discotheque to feel at your wedding – unless you do, that is!

Neon signs can be customized with any message you want in any font – it’s up to you to decide the shape, font, and size that best suits you. Choose white cursive fonts for a classic event, or pink to add some femininity to a rustic, artsy or chic wedding theme like bohemian. The best part is that, depending on the sign, you can always hang it in your house as a keepsake long after the wedding!

Custom Wedding Wine and Drinks

Wedding wine

Wine very naturally fits into any wedding celebration, and it has also become a favorite wedding favor for guests to take home after the event. If you want to take it all the way to the top, order custom labels for your wine, water, and other drinks. 

You can also visit a winery and have them special-order wine bottled on your wedding day, which you can keep enjoying during a future anniversary. Alternatively, choose a winery that’s special for you and your partner and make a request for wine to be delivered on your wedding day, especially if you’ve had a long courtship. 

As a party favor, make your wedding wine labels even more unique by giving everyone their own custom label that communicates your sentiments to them. A custom wine bottle (filled with high-quality wine, of course) can be the perfect gift for guests with picky tastes and inclinations. 

When designing your label, the size should be larger than the existing winery label (unless you’ve ordered custom labels from a winery). Include simple details with lots of white space and symbols that are special to you as a couple and in line with your wedding theme. 

Don’t forget to credit the winery/wine-makers at the bottom of the label! Be sure to complete the theme using WhiskeyMade bourbon barrels as tables or a guestbook.

Custom Wedding Napkins

Custom Wedding Napkins

Add a little more personality to your wedding by having your cocktail napkins printed out. There’s a wealth of options, from simple couple monograms on the edge to fun facts about the bride and groom. Paper napkins are the most commonly customized napkins, but you can also print on your cloth napkins for added flair. 

There are several design options according to your wedding theme and preferences, including:

  • Modern – monograms, hashtags and other charming variations
  • Traditional – initials and wedding dates printed on the corners of the napkin
  • Whimsical – punny or interesting quips, quotes, fun facts or other forms of wordplay
  • Simple – minimalistic but elegant design

Regardless of your design choice, including your wedding date and name/initials is considered standard for custom napkins. If you go the fun fact route, your guests may enjoy knowing these tidbits about your love/relationships. You can include a custom thank-you cloth napkin in your party favors.


When you’re thinking about the unique details you want to add to your wedding, two things will be most important. First, think about what details represent your uniqueness as a couple and your love story. Second, think about what things your guests may appreciate most. 

With that in mind, feel free to explore the bounds of creativity to give you the best wedding day you could ever have!


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