Tips To A Successful Home Party

Home Party

Many parents are terrified of the idea of holding a party at home. Most of them would rather pay lots of money to have the party at a commercial venue than deal with the chaos, crowds, mess, and noise that come with doing so at home. Your child’s party isn’t, however, something to be ashamed of. Unknown to many, holding a party in a remote venue is as daunting and stressful (or even worse) than if you invited the parents and their children to your home. This is because you have more control at your home, something you wouldn’t have at the venue. Below are a few tips and tricks on how to hold a party at home successfully. 

  1. Avoid Inviting Too Many Children 

The first step to holding a successful party is by limiting the number of attendees. Don’t give in to the temptation to invite anyone and everyone from his/her school, but rather focus on the firm friends he/she has. Most children will have outgrown the all-inclusive group by the time they start going to school. Inviting only a few children, and especially his/her friends will reduce the risk of upsetting anyone in the process. Their parents will appreciate the gesture too.  Learn to invite as many children as his/her age. 

  1. Handle Invitations with Care 

Invitations are the tricky part of holding a party. It is even trickier when you want to control the number without upsetting anyone. That said, it would be advisable to approach and invite your friends in person, and not in the presence of their friends. Let your kid know this in advance too to avoid upsetting other members of his/her class who might have wanted to come. Emailing and texting are one of the best ways to send out invitations. You could also use social media, such as a closed Facebook event, to send invitations. 

  1. Plan Well and Start Preparing in Advance 

Talk to your child about your plans to hold the party at home, and have him/her share ideas on what might be ideal. Only let the child know of your plans a few weeks to the D-date.  Let him/her tell you of the party games they would want, the theme, and anything else that will make the party a success. Here are some party ideas to get you started: 


Find out what activities the children will want to do between party games. Some would want to make something to take home, while others might want to get creative. Make the internet your friend to find out which activities in his/her age group would find interesting.  With just a few invitations sent out, your kitchen table might be enough to hold all the materials needed. You could try cooking activities or coloring depending on what the children will prefer. It wouldn’t, however, be a wise decision to use glitter in the party. 

Decide on the best time to hold the party; this could be Christmas, Halloween, or even Easter. These are some of the best times to arrange for treasure hunts. If the weather allows it, you could bring about water games, water pistols, and buckets of water to play with. These come in handy in hot weather. Kids love the tears, slips, and muckiness that come with water everywhere. You can also have a bouncing castle erected to help the children have free-play too. 

Does camping or an outdoor tea party seem like a good idea? You can request the children to bring something fitting with the theme to make it even more enjoyable. This can be a costume, a fancy dress, and everything else children can have fun with. Entertainment, and especially party audio, is a must for a successful party. Be sure to organize for one. 

  1. Keep It Short and Precise 

Don’t hold the party for more than 2 hours unless it is absolutely necessary. As tempting as it may be, wave them goodbye once the time is over. Let them go home yearning for more. 

  1. Have Someone Look After Your Pets 

Most pets will be terrified by the sudden traffic and movements in the house. That said, they are better off away from home for two hours. This should help prevent them from getting stressed. Don’t give in to locking the pets in a separate room either. 

  1. Get Decorating 

Remember, this is your kid’s birthday; decorations are a must. While you shouldn’t go overboard with these, you definitely should decorate it the way the kids will love. A few balloons and ribbons here and there will do the trick. Take a look at for lots of fun party decorations and props. The first and last 10 minutes are the hardest at every party. This is because you have to great everyone coming in, and also see them off at the end of it all. Be sure to make the ‘short’ stay as comfortable and accommodating for the children as possible. While some kids will be excited about it, some are shy and will need time to adjust. Get them started by preparing the party table, a puzzle, game, or even allow them to shop around with their special ‘party bags.’ 

  1. Don’t Go Overboard with The Food

Always stick to the simple foods when planning your kid’s party. Sandwiches, crisps, wraps, and fruit in cakes always come in handy at lunch parties. You can also choose to prepare a pasta dish or pizza if looking to have a party in the evening. Make an effort to learn about the other kid’s preferences and especially those allergic to certain foods. Identify and prepare meals fit for all. Learning of other kid’s allergies will help you plan well, hence no last-minute fixes because someone is allergic to nuts or the sort.  As a rule of thumb, always stick to the foods you can prepare. Avoid complicated recipes unless you are up for a challenge. 

  1. Don’t Forget the Party Bags

Party bags are as important in a child’s party as everything else. Be sure to keep them simple; fill the bags with rainbow rice sweets, a small toy, a balloon, a small book, and a puzzle for them to fill once they are home. You can easily download one online.  Do not forget about that cake either. Slice it up in equal parts and wrap it up in a serviette. Most children will, however, be preoccupied with the sweets and balloons hence never notice their parents munch on the cake. You could also choose to go with cupcakes instead of the birthday cake. These provide a most substantial bite than the birthday cake slice. 

  1. Opening Presents

Although your son or daughter may want to open their presents at the party, it wouldn’t be wise to let him/her. For starters, the gifts may be too many hence take lots of time. The other children will also want to play with the presents too, something your kid might not take lightly. It is also worth considering that the other children may get bored when they see only your kid receiving and opening the presents. One way to avoid this is by noting down everyone that gives the gifts or even label the presents to be opened the next day, or once all visitors have left. 

  1. Have A Camera at Hand

A camera, or your camera phone, is needed to take photos of everyone attending the party, and your child with all the gifts. Pictures provide a perfect way to preserve memories, and especially the special ones. You can also print out the pictures and hand them out to each child with a thank you note. If possible, have the birthday boy or girl sign the photos. 

While home parties can be daunting to plan and noisy, this is probably the best thing you can do for your growing child. He/she will always remember the time when friends came over for his/her birthday. Although it may be hard to control all the children attending, the memories and joy of seeing everyone attend is simply overwhelming. All you need to do is plan and prepare well for the same and keep calm when the day finally comes. Done right, you will live to remember the party many years to come.


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