What you need to know about Kitchen Splashbacks in 2020

Kitchen Splashbacks

Consider the humble splashback. You know you need one, but many people underestimate the time and cost to coordinate the sourcing and installation of this kitchen essential. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s worth taking the time to get this decision right. Although Pinterest can be inspirational, sometimes it can make choosing even harder! Tot, you are started, we’ve compiled the info in one place so you can learn about all things splashback. Enjoy!


Glass splashbacks are highly-sought after and can demand high price tags. Depending on your taste, you can opt for solid, metallic, tinted, mirrored, digitally printed or as a see-thru window. What type of glass you chose should be considered early on in your design stage so the effect of light and colour balance in the room is optimal.

As a special heat-resistant and toughened glass, these splashbacks can be a transformative statement piece in your kitchen. They are widely popular so there many designs from countless companies on the market to choose between and are quite easy to clean.


As the classic kitchen splashback, tiles are flexible, can be custom designed and suit a variety of budgets. Have a good strategy to clean the grout as this is the main drawback of tiles in a cooking area.

Expect to pay a premium for more intricate tile types and laying patterns. Herringbone and fish scales being an example of these. Some people opt to reduce this cost by using these tiles sparingly as features or purchasing them in mosaic tile sheets that have are already positioned on a fibreglass mesh sheet. 

Acrylic splashbacks

Available in many styles and to suit many budgets, generally prices per square metre. Opting for a standard, block colour from a supplier like Bunnings represents an affordable option, while custom made designs are costly, luxurious and completely transform a living space. Provided they are properly installed and maintained, acrylic splashbacks have a decent shelf life and many find the lack of grout easier to clean. Exposure to harsh sun or abrasive chemicals can be harmful, so learn how to love these babies to get the most out of them.

Pressed tin/aluminium

A lesser-known alternative, but probably the most cost-effective. Pressed tin or aluminium splashbacks can add a unique look to a kitchen, and favoured due to their extremely easy installation as they come in large panels cut to size. Popular in vintage, art nouveau and farmhouse style kitchens, there are now also modern designs entering the market mimicking minimalist tiles or vertical designs.Expect textured patterns that are raised to the touch.

Quality varies widely across Australian supplies so be sure to source a company that can use the best quality metal. If primed, many pressed metal splashbacks can be painted with specialist paint colours of your choice. 

Whether your kitchen renovation is in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, head into a few stores to check out your splashback options in person, online photos rarely do them justice. Happy renovating!


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