6 Tips to Maintain Galvanized Trailers


Trailers have become a common resource for moving all sorts of things. These non-fuel burning vehicles are responsible for transporting a wide range of goods and materials. No matter what you want to move, chances are good that there is a trailer already out there that can meet your needs perfectly. 

When it comes to galvanized trailers, because they are used for so many different things; the steel construction has been covered with a layer of zinc in order to prevent it from the ravages of dirt, dust, and rust. This means that while durable, you have to take extra care in its maintenance. Below are some basic tips that can help you keep your trailer in the best condition for the longest period of time.

1. Regular Cleaning

Your trailer needs to have regular cleaning, especially when it has been used in water or muddy locations. Sand, salt, and dust can quickly accumulate and damage the surface. For general cleaning, you can use regular laundry soaps but for deeper cleaning and removing stains, it is best to take the more conservative approach first and if that doesn’t work, choose cleaners that are more aggressive.

2. Limit Exposure to Low pH

It is best to avoid exposing your trailer to environments where the pH falls below 6 or about 12. When the pH is too low or too high it makes the zinc coating more susceptible to corrosion than normal. When the pH is too low, you have a higher concentration of acids. When it is too low, the concentration may be too alkaline. Both are dangerous and can threaten the durability of the coating and can lead to faster corrosion.

3. Maintain the Suspension and Couple

Inner maintenance is also important. After a trip, check the suspension and the couple to make sure they are in a good position. Wash the suspension and drain it completely. This will take only a few minutes of effort but you will gain more use if you do. If your suspension is not working properly, it could cause damage to other parts of the trailer. By checking it after every use, you can catch repairs before they become serious.

4. Avoid Contact With Other Metals

You want to take great care to keep your galvanized trailer from coming into direct contact with other metals like brass or copper, especially when you are working in a corrosive environment. When you have to haul different types of metals, you need to make sure that there is some type of barrier that will keep the metals from having direct contact with each other.

5. Do A Thorough Inspection

After every use, take the time to do a close inspection of everything from the tie-down straps to the loose stitching. It is easy to take your trailer for granted but you want to make sure that it is maintained in good working order so that you have no surprises on your next trip. Make sure you check the condition of the frame, body, and security as well as any internal parts. 

6. Wash Thoroughly When In Corrosive Environments

When in corrosive environments like along the coast or in heavy industrial areas, it is best to rinse it regularly with potable water before washing. Corrosion causes a separation of the base from the environment. When the zinc coating is compromised, it exposes the steel to oxidation, which can cause deterioration or other damage.

No matter what you plan to use your trailer for, protecting it all comes down to basic maintenance. Good maintenance adds to your trailer’s durability and longevity. If you’re planning to use your trailer for the long haul, then it is crucial that it gets regular maintenance. The more care you put into the trailer during its lifetime, the longer it will last.


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