Best Art Supplies to Transform Your Space

best art supplies

Nothing makes a house a home more than personal touches, and what better way to add some character to your home than a little DIY? Doing your own home improvement and decor is a great way to complete a fun and meaningful project while also saving money.

Keep reading for the best art supplies to have around the house for when your feeling crafty, as well as some awesome DIY ideas!

Bring Out Your Inner Artist

If you paint or draw, filling your own home with your art is a great way to get creative, showcase your work and own your space. If you paint, having canvases ready to go around the house is a great idea to make sure you can paint whenever creativity sparks.

An affordable alternative to canvas is plywood. You can cut plywood into whatever size works best for you, and use acrylic paint on them for a rustic look. We love the way the wood grain can be incorporated into designs.

Make It Personal With Photos

A great way to decorate your home is to display photos of you and your loved ones. We love the idea of a photo wall, in a living room, a hallway or the kitchen.

A great way to display pictures for a little something different is to make photo mats using a matte board. These can be used for a lot of different display purposes, making them good to have around the house. Using a matte board, you can also display prints.

Make Art Easy With a Wall Easel

Mounting an easel to your wall is great for every artist. Also a great idea for kids, this is a great way to get creative and use their art as home decor. Use the space to brainstorm, or even jot down your grocery list.

This idea gives your home a farmhouse decor feel and is great paired with tin cans that can hold your drawing or painting supplies.

Peg It

If your place is low on storage or display space, a DIY pegboard is a great way to utilize unused wall space. I love this new trend, because there is so much you can do with it, and there is always the ability to change the display out. This is also great for some organization in an artist’s studio.

With your pegboard, you can use the pegs to hold shelves and hang things such as plants. Whether you’re using the pegboard as decor or to organize supplies, it can be a really great way to gain some storage space in your home. I love light plywood paired with greenery and art for a trendy, homey vibe.

The Best Art Supplies For A DIY Beginner

While every artist should have basic art supplies, these are the best art supplies for someone who wants to get into decorating their home with DIY creations. Get inspired by trying one of these projects today!

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