Tips When Making a Large House for Rent Tour Vlog

Tips When Making a Large House for Rent Tour

Vlogs are becoming more common these days. It seems like everyone has something to say about their experience when traveling or daily activities at home. Some content is similar since they’re popular. For instance, if there are challenges, everyone will try it. Doing a tour of chosen accommodation is one of the most popular content themes. 

The good thing about this type of vlog is that it’s informative. People who are searching for quality accommodation for their next trip can use the vlog to decide. These are some tips to follow if you intend to make a room tour vlog. 

Talk about your experience in detail

Don’t just show the area inside. If you do so, you will finish your vlog in less than a minute. Make sure that you talk in detail about your experience. Discuss what you like about each part of the room and what’s unique about it. 

Highlight the pros and cons 

Again, some people might use your vlog to determine if they will book the place or look for other choices. Therefore, you need to highlight the pros and cons. Be honest in giving your assessment. Everyone wants to know if the place is worth the price or not. Generic reviews are not helpful at all. 

Avoid being too loud

You want to make a vlog to help others. Make sure that you’re not disturbing people in the process. Most large houses to rent have neighbors nearby. If there are people in the area who might be included in the video, you need to blur their faces during editing, unless you get consent. 

Don’t fake it

When you have already released several vlogs, people will know if you’re honest about your assessment. It’s even worse when it’s paid content. When you praise accommodation and skip the bad parts because you got paid, you will lose your credibility. Make sure that you always provide an honest assessment. Avoid sugar-coating terrible experiences. You might lose sponsors, but you’re not going to lose subscribers. 

Hide brand names 

You don’t want to give free advertising to some brands. If their names prominently appear in the video, you need to cover them up. You might also violate copyright laws if you use brand names in your video. Double-check every aspect while editing to avoid these mistakes. 

Don’t make it too long

Even if you’re making a tour of a large house, it doesn’t mean the video should be too long. You still have to limit the video so it won’t be boring. As long as you provide enough information, people will appreciate it.

Stick to your brand

People appreciate your videos because of your personality, and not only because of the content, you’re putting out. Therefore, it helps if you always stick to your brand. Maintain a positive personality until the end of the video. You have to keep it in mind regardless of the kind of content you want people to see. 


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