How to Choose the Right Cruise Line for You (Instantly!)

Cruise Line

In 2016, there were around 26 million cruise passengers, visiting destinations across the world. There’s a lot of good reasons to take a cruise: fantastic hospitality, the ability to visit many destinations, and complete relaxation.

The key question is which cruise line is best for you? There are a whole host of different companies out there, all with different pros and cons. Knowing which fits your needs will help make your dream vacation a reality.

We know how difficult it can be to choose between cruise lines and we’ve got your back. We’ve pulled together several different kinds of cruises that you may want to take. For each of these categories, we’ve recommended a couple of cruise lines.

Ready to start planning that vacation that you’ve always wanted? Read on, and happy cruising.

Best Cruise Lines for Families

Planning a family vacation adds a couple of different criteria to the mix. Sure, you may be happy wandering ruined colonial plantations and drinking daiquiris by the pool. Will your kids be so happy with these choices?

If the answer is no, you should check out some of these cruise lines.

Disney Cruise Line

If you’ve got little kids (or if you’re a big Disney fan), this is a superb cruise line for you. Their ships can babysit children as young as six months, for a start. While you’re relaxing, they’ll be having fun with their favorite characters.

This cruise line offers everything from Princess tea parties to pirate-themed events, so no matter what your children love, they’ll be something for them.

Safety is also paramount, with room dividers and childproof locks fitted on their ships.

One of the top cruise lines out of San Diego, Disney gets a hearty recommendation.

Carnival Cruises

Young kids, older kids, and those who are young at heart love Carnival. This cruise line offers kids clubs for a range of ages, minigolf, water slides, and more.

There are a lot of different food options for your little ones, along with huge cabins. Other great features include Seuss at Sea and other interactive events.

Royal Caribbean

Out of all the cruise lines, Royal Caribbean is one of the most versatile. For younger children, there are a ton of clubs and activities available.

For teenagers, there is rock climbing, surfing, zip lines, and free pizza. Oh, and a whole host of videogames!

For the adults, there are broadway shows, onboard gyms, and an array of shops and restaurants.

Best for Couples

Do you need a break from your kids for a while? Want to experience relaxation and romance? Then check out these cruise lines!

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Named for the French painter who famously spent his final years in the South Pacific, this cruise line is perfect for couples exploring the south seas. Nothing says romance like beautiful, deserted beaches.

Its restaurants feature classic French cuisine with Pacific twists. If you want to eat on your balcony, you’ll find the room service enchanting.

If you want a truly romantic alternative to the Caribbean, consider this cruise line.

Cunard Cruise Lines

Cunard cruises offer old-school British sophistication mixed with the latest technology, all enveloped in luxury.

Whether traveling on the last remaining ocean liner, the Queen Mary 2, or one on of their other cruise ships, you’re guaranteed old-world sophistication. Formal dinners are held a few times a week, and the dress code is black tie.

If you want to impress your loved one with elegance and class, Cunard can’t be beaten.

Norwegian Cruise Line

For couples who live by their own rules, Norwegian is one of the best cruise lines around. It offers total freedom alongside the latest cruise line technology. For more information on the latest cruise technology, check out this article!

This cruise line doesn’t have set meal times. Instead, you and your beloved can grab a meal whenever you want.

When it comes to activities, Norwegian is especially great for couples who love fitness. There are climbing walls and pools, but if you just want to relax, why not hit the spa? Norwegian’s Jewel-class ships are particularly good for relaxation.

Best Destination Cruises

For some passengers, cruising is all about the destinations. Want to visit amazing destinations around the world? Then check out these cruise lines.


Azamara is a cruise line that’s all about intimacy. Their ships are small but sumptuous. They focus on going to destinations that are a little more off the beaten track.

Azamara does their best to immerse you in the local culture of your destinations, too. These can range from Rio to Cape Town.

They really do want you to explore your destinations, too. While some cruises will have you arrive and leave the port on the same day, Azamara has a lot of overnight stays in port.

Viking Ocean Cruises

This Norwegian cruise line can take you around Scandinavia, the Meditteranean, or Southeast Asia. They put a premium on letting you really get to grips with the destination. Their itineraries are well put-together and let you experience the port and its surrounds wonderfully.

They also offer a great deal of scope for customizing your itinerary. Want to explore by car or helicopter? Go for it!

Celestyal Cruises

If you want to get a true taste of Greek culture, check out Celestyal. This company offers traditional Greek food, Greek entertainment, and more.

While they are a comparatively small company, they offer some superb itineraries. You can cruise around Greece and its islands, visit Jerusalem and Cairo or Crete and Istanbul.

For exploring the Med, without having an overly British or American experience onboard, you can’t get a better cruise.

Chosen a Cruise Line?

We’ve reached the end of the list, and we’re willing to bet that you’ve chosen a cruise line already. There’s only one step left: booking your cruise. We recommend taking a look at our travel section to find great tips to make your trip even better!


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