Reasons to Take a Family Trip to Orlando


Whether you’re embarking on an overseas trip, or across the United States, Orlando offers a range of attractions that draw in travelers from near and far. From the world-famous theme parks to some less expected attractions, Orlando really is the perfect location for a family vacation. 

1. World-Class Theme Parks 

Orlando holds the title of the theme park capital of the world, and for very good reasons. The range of parks on offer in the city is second to none. There’s Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure, Disney World, Sea World, and Volcano Bay, to name just a few. 

For those after a theme park that will please all the family — from the parents, teenagers to younger children — there really is nowhere better than Universal Orlando. To save some money, skip the line ups and ensure entrance into each and every attraction, take a look at affordable Universal Orlando tickets.

 2. Family Activities for All Ages 

For those after a day away from the theme parks, which will still be fun for all the family, Orlando boasts a wonderful range of activities. From seeing the sights high in the sky on the Orlando Eye to competing in some crazy golf, family visitors are spoilt for choice. 

For rainy days there are also some great indoor activities on offer. For those after a celebrity experience, take a wander around Madame Tussaud’s and marvel at the waxworks. 

3. A Huge Range of Restaurant Experiences  

Orlando is also home to hundreds of wonderful restaurants sure to suit all tastes and budgets, from fine dining to laid-back cafes. Test out some of the State’s most famous traditional cuisine, from local orange juice, Cuban sandwiches to chilli. Or visit some of the wonderful globally-inspired restaurants that offer unique and exciting culinary experiences.  

4. It’s the Perfect Base for a Nature Escape 

Orlando is a base for those after a little break in nature, as there are many incredible wildlife experiences on offer just outside the city. The Florida Panther, Bottlenose Dolphin, Bald Eagle, American Alligator, and American Crocodile are just a few of the state’s animal residents.

A great, family-friendly way of experiencing all the pleasures of Florida’s natural world has to offer is by taking an airboat ride. These take place on swamps and are a really fun, thrilling and educational experience. 

5. The Many Beautiful Lakes 

Something else that makes the city of Orlando is the range of unique activities available on the city’s 100 lakes. 

For those adventure hunters out there, the Clear Lake, Conway and Jessamine are heaven for wakeboarders and are also the training ground for America’s pros. Or for visitors after a more serene lake experience, Lake Eola, which is actually a giant sinkhole, is home to more than 5 different types of swans. 

Choose from canoeing, boating, paddle-boarding or kayaking on many of the lakes. Or take a dip underwater and snorkel with the freshwater fish and manatees. Alternatively, enjoy the lakes from the sidelines, enjoying the white sandy beaches, palm trees, and colonial houses.


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