How to Buy the Best Scuba Mask in 2020

Best Scuba Mask in 2020

If you are snorkeling, spearfishing or diving enthusiast then you would know how important it is to have a high-quality scuba mask in your kit. One of the most critical equipment pieces for underwater adventure and sports, your scuba mask is your lifeline when you are cut off from the rest of the world. It helps you focus on marine life, corals, other adventure mongers undersea, and the hurdles in front. Designed to create an air space that forms a layer between your eyes and the glass panel, scuba masks are manufactured after stringent quality checks to prevent underwater accidents. Given the critical nature of a scuba mask, it is important to purchase it with care. 

Here’s how to buy a watertight, comfortable mask to make the most of your underwater time. Read on to know more about the features of different types of obligatory personal equipment for divers. 

Comfort is foremost!

Scuba masks have to impart the highest degree of comfort at all times. These windows to the world of underwater life have to seal and fit around your face well. According to the information shared on the vision imparted through the mask should be crystal clear to avoid any collision or accident. If you wear contact lenses or glasses then it is important to reckon whether the mask would work with prescription/corrective lenses effectively. 

Different Kinds of Scuba Masks

Before testing and freezing your buy of the best scuba mask, specifically concerning its size and fit, it’s crucial to know the style that would suit you to perfection. 

​Framed vs. Frameless Masks

Frameless masks are devoid of a thick frame and decrease the distance between the lens and your eyes. Though you can see more clearly underwater, your mask may fog up with a frameless mask. If this remains a concern then you may want to check out framed diving masks. Framed scuba masks usually provide a more stable fit on your face comfortably. You may also want to explore the hybrid solutions that provide the best features of these two types of masks. They are light and stable, thereby proving as a good alternative for amateur and professional scuba divers alike. 

Single, Double and Quad Pane Scuba Masks

Divers with different skills and techniques require differently styled masks to facilitate their adventurous underwater moments. These three types of masks are specially designed to cater to different diver preferences and how they go about their lives. Single-lens masks increase the field of view but they tend to a sit heavier in comparison to double pane masks. The double-paned scuba masks have two different lenses similar to those in a pair of spectacles. A bit-over-the budget, the higher-quality scuba masks with double lenses do not obstruct your vision in any manner and sit well on the rim of your nose. A quad pane mask can be your preferred option for gaining panoramic vision underwater. This double-paned mask features a two-sided pane that helps you see through in any direction without tilting your head. 

Quality of Glass

​Scuba masks go through a lot of rigorous experiences when used by divers. They have to deal with high levels of water pressure that escalates as you go deeper underwater. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the quality of glass beforehand and not compromise on it in any manner. Tempered glass is capable of withstanding high levels of water pressure and is highly recommended by expert divers. Completely resistant to breaks and scratches, they last longer and are quite reliable. Look around for the best tempered glass scuba masks to take your diving experiences to an altogether different level. 

Scuba Mask Fit

While purchasing a scuba mask you must understand how well it will fit on your face. There should be no gaps or holes from where water can seep in. In case there is even a drop of water that gets into the mask you will have to deal with a fogged vision that can be critical while you are underwater. Proper sealing and fit are important to avoid any flooding within the mask. Though there are several size guides published online for scuba diving equipment it is important to measure the dimensions of your face and then buy the best fitting scuba mask. If you want to level up your scuba diving – you can buy an underwater scooter. It’s easy to use, portable, lightweight – and very awesome in underwater activities. 

Different Scuba Mask Features

With a plethora of diving products available in the market, it can be a difficult task to choose the best scuba mask to fit your diving needs. The above-mentioned features of various types of masks for scuba divers will give you the much-needed lead as you go about your purchase. Buy your preferred scuba mask online, today. 


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