Simple Ways to Style Blazers for Women


A few decades ago, blazers were meant for offices, but not anymore. They were thick and a little boring to the extent that most individuals viewed them as old fashion. Time has changed, and today, this piece of the outfit is blazing in all dimensions. While people still wear blazers to offices, there are other fancy ways and occasions to rock blazers for women and still look stylish. This is why you can spot more women in them today. If you wish to try wearing blazers, but you are not sure of how to style them, here are a few guiding tips.

Pair bold blazer with prints

Fashion is all about experimenting and finding something that looks good on you. Every combination is possible, provided you do it right. When putting on a blazer, you should pay attention to the kind of top you plan on wearing beneath it. Bold colored blazers go perfectly with loads of colors and prints. Make sure that you limit the prints and colors of the blazer. For example, you can go for a green or pin blazer to layer a printed or patterned dress or top. The best part about one-color blazers is that they go well with a range of prints.

Get a waterfall blazer

You can still wear a blazer and look fancy. Waterfall blazers are more of a blazer than a shrug, and the best part is that you can wear them on any occasion. You can pair it to obtain office wear, power dressing, or a work look. You can even pair them with jeans or a bandage dress when going out with friends.

Pair it with a button-down shirt

Some time back, blazers for office meant that you had to pair it with matching pants or skirts to come up with a complete suit. Time has changed, and now, you can play around with any piece to obtain decent workwear. Matching suits can be a bit boring, but pairing your blazer with a button-down shirt and pencil skirt makes everything better.

Blazer with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans will never get out of trend. They are fancy, classy, and a decent way to flaunt your legs. Pairing them with a printed or plain blazer will turn you from basic to classy real-quick. You can go for a white or any other plain color for your shirt, and your casual outfit is set.

Turtle neck underneath a blazer

Turtleneck tops have become the new thing, and you will love it even better when you pair it with your favorite blazer. This is the simplest outfit to style. You just have to throw the blaze of your choice on your turtleneck and a pair of pants or skirt for the bottom. A pair of canvas shoes will complete this look, making it simple but charming. 

While there are endless ways in which you can pair your blazer, these are the simplest yet classy looks you can obtain. You want to look put-together but not sophisticated, and that is precisely what throwing a blazer on your outfit, regardless of the occasion, helps you to achieve.


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