The Perfect Bikini for Spring and Summer

The Perfect Bikini for Spring and Summer

While the sandy beaches of Maui are voted the most beautiful in the US, fun in the sun isn’t only limited to Hawaii. Women all across American choose to head over to many different beaches during the spring and summer for a lot of different reasons.

Whether to splash and play some beach volleyball or to suntan and be seen, there are tons of valid reasons to go to the coastline and soak in some rays.

The only question that’s left to ask is what to wear! Here, we’re going to help you make this big decision by looking at the best swimsuit of the season.

With any luck, you’ll have the perfect sexy swimwear on your body before you can even say ‘vacay!’

The Color Yellow

You know that yogurt commercial where that girl wears an ‘itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini?” Well, she has good taste.

Throughout the years, yellow has been one of the most popular colors for swimsuits. In the springtime, a yellow bikini invokes the image of flowers blooming. In the summer, it reminds people who look at it of the sun’s radiance.

Yellow also is great because of the emotions that it invokes via color psychology. People tend to associate yellow with warmth and energy, giving you a youthful vibe and appeal when you wear a yellow bikini.

Animal Print

Animal print bikinis have also been pretty popular in recent years. Leopard print and tiger stripes do an amazing job of accentuating your features. They also draw all eyes to you and show everyone that you’re in touch with your wild side.

When planning for a vacation, there are things you need to do beyond purchasing swimwear, like booking a car. Make sure that you look into practicalities once you don your perfect bathing suit!

20s Retro

While getting swimwear that’s been popular recently is a good way to choose your perfect bikini, why not also look into the retro styles sure to be popularized this decade? The Roaring 20s are repeating themselves, after all. So get your swimsuit fashion on!

Many people have already had the idea to create 1920s and Gatsby inspired swimwear. These styles include bikinis that make the wearer look like Daisy Buchanan herself, but more modern and trendy.

Get Your Perfect Bikini

While choosing the right bikini to wear to the beach this spring or summer can be a challenge, it can also be a lot of fun to experiment with different fashions. Not only that, but it’ll all be worth it once you’re laying on the beach with your toes buried in the sand!

Now that you know the perfect bikini for your spring and summer trips, check out the ‘travel’ tab on our homepage. Here, you’ll be able to browse possible vacation destinations and learn about the places where you can show off your new garment.

Have an awesome, relaxing beach trip!


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