The World Scratch Off Map: A Travel Enthusiast’s New Best Friend

The World Scratch Off Map: A Travel Enthusiast’s New Best Friend

How often do you think about traveling the world? How often do you actually do it? A scratch word map motivates you to actually go outside and see the world around you instead of just looking at it through your window. Every scratch world map sold by Newverest is hand drawn by artisans then printed on high quality poster paper, making your scratch off world map poster as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use.

A world scratch off map is the kind of thing that can be framed and hung on any wall in your home. When friends and family come to visit, let it inspire them too. Newverest thinks that sharing inspiration is almost as fun as traveling. If you know a travel enthusiast who spends their days searching for new places to visit, a world scratch off map makes the perfect gift. It’s not something they’ll use once and forget, a scratch world map is the type of thing they’ll use over and over again, maybe even the rest of their lives.

So how does a world scratch off map work exactly? Easy. Every time you visit a new country anywhere in the world, scratch the outer layer of gold or silver foil off your world scratch off map. The foil scratches easily away with the scratch off tool, which they include with every scratch world map. And don’t worry, the scratch tool is totally safe and kid-friendly.

Looking for an exotic new place to travel? Your world scratch map can help you find it. Gather your family around your scratch off world map poster and take turns picking out the place you’d like to see next. Whether you like to travel solo or with a group, a scratch off world map poster will spark your imagination and inspire you to travel more. makes two editions of their scratch world map: the original and kid’s edition. You’ll also find their USA scratch map, which comes in several editions as well. Just choose the map that’s right for you or your loved ones and let it help guide you on where to visit next.

Each map is hand drawn by artists, so they’re totally unique to and unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. Newverest likes to keep things more personal, so they’ve ditched the big chain, mass produced maps most other world scratch off map companies are using and created something that’s beautiful, exciting, and actually artistic.

If you travel, this is the definitely the map for you. Check out their easy to navigate website and just pick out the map or two or three that draws your interest the most. You can get one for your kids and one just for you and your spouse, then get a third for the person you most want to share your travel interests with. Start planning your next trip today with your scratch off world map poster.


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