Latest Gadgets News: Essential Shortcuts for Digital Enthusiasts

Latest Gadgets News: Essential Shortcuts for Digital Enthusiasts

With the speed of technology development these days, we have to be updated on the latest gadgets news at all times. For that, we need trustworthy sites and blogs with understandable updates and convenient interface. If you’re looking for short and easy-to-read science and tech news, visit 4Promedia. The website covers all the necessary new articles about computers, innovative gadgets, games, etc.

Let’s see what the latest information is in the tech world today.

Half-Life: Alyx: The Continuation of the Story?

The latest Half-Life episode was released in 2007 – that’s over a decade ago! But in March 2020, the new chapter is up to release. Earlier this month, we’ve seen the trailer of the game, and it’s not what we thought it would be. Instead of continuing the story, the game-creators decided to make this part a 1.5, meaning it takes place between the first and the second parts.

Details of the new release:

  • It’s based on a first-person view;

  • It’s a VR game;

  • It has 14 hours of gameplay.

Pre-order is open, and now you can get it for $53.99 instead of the normal $59.99.

Black Friday Specials: What to Buy on Amazon

No best tech news site leaves their readers without the Black Friday specials! This time, let’s focus on Amazon and their great offers:

  • Amazon Echo Show 8.
    You can save $30 for the new, yet to be released model of Amazon Echo Show. It’s an updated version of Echo Show 5, with a bigger screen and improved features.

  • Kindle Paperwhite.
    Amazon offers the lightest version of the popular e-reader with a $45 save. Innovative display and double the usual storage space are worth it.

  • Echo Dot (3rd gen).
    The third generation of the beloved Echo Dot Assistant is down 40%. Start making your home smart with this tiny helper.

The New MacBook Pro: Pros and Cons

The next hero of the latest technology news is Apple. This time, the company has surprised its buyers big time. Say “Hi” to the new MacBook Pro – a 16-inch laptop that fully replaces the old 15-inchers.


  • Bigger screen;

  • Improved GPU, RAM;

  • Better audio;

  • Touch ID button.


  • Price;

  • USB-C connection only;

  • Not convenient to carry.

The manufacturer has left the 15-inch niche of the laptop market completely. And that was a surprise even bigger than the new model.

All the Best News in One Place

If you’re a tech enthusiast, a service with the main computer news you can read on the go is a must. You can find and share articles with friends, learn about the latest innovations, and maybe even choose your next gadget. Take advantage of the quality interface and content 4Promedia provides.

If you need to share something, use one of the buttons available at the top of the article. And if you need the news in, say, Hindi or Russian, use Google page translator and read in the needed language! Good writing is suitable for understandable translation.


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