Pros and Cons of Petplan Pet Insurance

Pros and Cons of Petplan Pet Insurance

As a good pet owner, you will most likely see your pet as a family member, beyond an animal. You will likely consider them as another member of your family as as such, they deserve your best care. You will not want to care for them without insuring them as you insure your family member. Whenever they are sick, injured, or suffer from any form of disease, you will not have to worry when you have an insurance policy that covers their wellbeing. Pet insurance in the US is quite common, with Petplan as one of the biggest pet insurance service providers in the US. This post will serve as a guide for you when you want to insure your pet. The following are the pros and cons of Petplan pet insurance.


1)  The Short Time Frame For Claims

Based on their customer feedback on their experience with this insurance company, we can deduce that they respond to claims from pet owners on any injury and sickness that might happen to your pet. You should file your claim through either online, mail or by their app. Within 5 to 7 business days, your claims will be paid in full. You can source for food, pet care, pet toys, and pet insurance services from trusted platforms such as SuperPets. If you genuinely care about your pet, give her the best treatment from these services.

2)   Reliable Pet Insurance

Petplan is one of the best pet insurance company that you can trust within the US and UK states. They take full responsibility for your claims and offer a wide range of services for your dog and cat. They have no limit to your claims. They give pet owners a massive relief of the expensive and extensive pet treatment cost. Their customers have shared extensive positive feedback about their experience with their services. You can trust them when it comes to claims, treatment coverage, and customer services.

3)  Good Customer Service

You can file your claims at any time through their reliable and easy-to-use App, Email, and phone services. Their customer care service is available 24/7, and they attend to your request quickly. They are flexible with their plans.

4)  Affordable Cost

You can get a minimum monthly premium for your pet for as low as $19.66. Within a year, you can get a reimbursement within $100 to $1000 for your pets, depending on their age and pet type. This pet insurance company is one of the best insurance plans that you can get for your four-legged family members.


1)  Animal Age Coverage

The pet and its age determine their monthly premium. Some pets starting monthly premiums can be expensive as they age.

2) Denial of Claims

Your claims can be denied by the company when you do not have a licensed vet report and annual checkups. It may be hard to find a vet within 48 hours if you are living in an isolated area.

3)  Some Wide Services Are Not Covered

The pet insurance companies do not cover a wide range of services such as routine care checks, preventative care, required wellness, non-curable pre-existing conditions of the pet, prophylactic teeth cleaning and elective treatments such as tail docking and ear cropping.


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