How Much on Average Does Air Conditioning Repair Cost?

air conditioning repair cost

One of the most inconvenient of all home repairs is air conditioning. You often discover there is a problem on a day when you really need your air conditioning. Unfortunately, a lot of other people will likely discover the same thing on the same day.

An added worry that goes along with the inconvenience is the air conditioning repair cost. While minor problems usually come with an affordable bill, the cost for major repairs can spiral up into the thousands of dollars.

If you think you’ve got an AC unit repair on the horizon, keep reading and we’ll cover some common repair costs and the factors that affect cost.

Factors That Affect Cost

When determining ac repair costs, it’s important to understand what factors affect those costs.

Total labor is one of the biggest factors. Companies set individual hourly rates for repair technicians. That means estimates can vary a lot from one company to the next.

Some repairs, such as flushing a drain line, are almost all labor.

As a general rule, repairs that involve replacing major components like a compressor will cost a lot more. Part of this is simply the component cost, but these repairs also take a lot more time. That hikes up the overall cost.

Repair vs Replace

A common debate is whether you should repair or replace your AC unit. If you think of your AC unit like a car, there comes a point when you’ll spend more repairing the unit than the unit’s actual value.

A good general rule is that you should give serious thought to replacing an AC unit after about 8-10 years. At the point, the unit will likely suffer more and more mechanical problems and a regular basis. In short, the parts just wear out on the machine.

Additionally, AC units become less efficient as they get older. You pay more in utility costs for the same level of cooling.

While you can repair it, replacing the unit can often prove more cost-effective.

Common Repair Costs

While the list of things that can go wrong with your unit is extensive, most units suffer one of a fairly small set of problems. A few of the more common problems and their average repair cost include:

  • Refrigerant Recharge – $200-$700
  • Circuit Board – $150-$600
  • Fan Motor – $200-$700
  • Compressor – $1300-$200
  • Condenser Coil Replacement – $600-$3000
  • Fuses – $75-$300

The wide range of costs stems from the different unit sizes. A unit for a 2000 square foot home will lean cheaper. A unit for a 5000 square foot home will lean toward the more expensive.

Parting Thoughts on Air Conditioning Repair Cost

Don’t let your fear of the air conditioning repair cost make you put off getting your unit serviced. The longer you let a problem go or put off basic maintenance, the more likely you are to face a huge repair bill. Getting essential information about HVAC problems lets you make informed decisions.

Looking for other costs for home repairs. Check out our Pro Services section for more articles.


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