When to Replace Your Air Conditioner: The Only Guide You Will Need

when to replace air conditioner
young man electrician installer working on outdoor compressor unit air conditioner at a client's home

Although most of the country is dealing with cold winter months and not worried about their A/C right now it’s important to know when to replace your air conditioner.

Did you know that thinking about this during the off-season is typically better than dealing with a hot summer day and no air conditioning?

Keep reading to learn more about when is the best time to replace your air conditioning unit!

Off-Season Checkups

Whether your unit is older or you have not done maintenance on it since you bought your house then a professional checkup is a good idea. Replacing your unit during the off-season will come with its financial perks. It will save you money compared to replacing your unit in the season when the professionals are busier.

Receiving air conditioning service and repair from late September to mid-November or from early March to mid-May will save you money. Please keep in mind that if you live somewhere that has less winter, then you will have more time during the fall and spring to have your HVAC system serviced.

Being proactive during the fall and spring will allow you to shop around and will give you options. You will not feel rushed into making a decision because you do not need the air conditioner during those seasons. You will have the time to make the best decision for you and your home when it comes to your air conditioner unit.


Some people wait until their unit is completely dead and they find themselves in a situation where they have no time and have to replace their unit ASAP. This is what you don’t want to happen – you want to be proactive in order to have options and save money.

Do not wait for your air conditioner unit to stop working because more than likely this will happen in the middle of a hot summer day when you need it most because it has to work harder in the summer. During the off-season, you don’t need your unit to run making it difficult to assess whether or not it is on its final days.

HVAC contractors are extremely busy during the summer months because of everyone else that waited until their unit stopped working. This means that you might have to wait longer than usual to have air conditioning again and will have to pay more for the contractor’s time.

Now You Know When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Hopefully, now you feel that you have the knowledge of when to replace your air conditioner. Do not get left in the heat with minimal options making a rushed decision and paying more money. Our biggest advice is to be proactive, this way you can have more options on the contractor you choose and your new unit.

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