Selecting a Wedding Venue? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Selecting a Wedding Venue

Most engaged couples decide on the wedding date and venue as one of the first things to check on their list. While it is true that you need a place to hold the wedding, it should not be amongst the first decisions that you make when planning for the big day. Given below are some of the common mistakes that most couples make when scouting for and selecting their wedding venue.

Arriving Without an Appointment

While this may sound a bit silly, it is one of the common mistakes made by a lot of engaged couples or their families. It is very important to make an appointment and book a tour before landing up at a potential venue. It would do you no good to just look at the place without someone there to answer all your queries and help you with your vision of the wedding day and take you on a tour of the premises. Good salesperson like those at  Silverlake Ballroom will also offer advice on alternate themes and designs that match the venue you are scouting. It makes sense to do some research. Shortlist the potential venues and make an appointment before turning up to look at them.

Finalizing the Venue Before Finalizing the Guest List

This is another common mistake and one that will create a whole lot of problems and heartache for all concerned. It may not be a good idea to rush in and finalize the wedding venue without having a prior idea of the number of guests invited and expected. For instance, having a small and cramped list may force you to cut down on the guest list to accommodate everyone. On the other hand, having fewer guests in a big venue would make it look largely empty. Even if the guest list is not finalized, you need to have a rough idea of the number of people that you would like to invite and the number that would likely attend.  

Overlooking Accommodation for Outstation Guests

Often overlooked, this simple gesture can increase the likeliness of guests who will be coming in from out of town. Scout around for accommodation availability near the desired venue. While some, like hotels, may have accommodation facilities in-house, it is still important to know the availability of the number of rooms required. 

Not Planning for the Weather

While this may seem like something that needs to be done only for an outdoor wedding venue, it is also equally important for an indoor venue. It’s important to ascertain whether the venue has the proper arrangements to tackle hot and cold weather conditions or not (air conditioners, heaters, fans, etc.)  If yes, are these included in the cost or do you pay extra for them? Remember, all these small things add up and need to be budgeted for. 

The Bottom Line

Selecting the wedding venue requires attention to small details and careful planning. This is the place where all your guests will congregate and will be the backdrop of all your wedding photographs. It is important to understand and have an idea of what type of experience you want your guests to have.


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