Is Hawaii Actually One of the Most Underrated Vacation Spots?

Is Hawaii Actually One of the Most Underrated Vacation Spots?

Even though Hawaii brings in 9.3 million tourists in a single year, we’re considering it one of the most underrated vacation spots. That’s because Hawaii is made up of many different islands and has lots of beautiful places that aren’t overrated.

Without a doubt, Hawaii is a beautiful place to travel to but sometimes it can be difficult to see all the sights when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of other tourists. which is why many book custom Hawaii vacation packages to get the best experience and avoid any pitfalls.Keep reading to find out exactly why Hawaii has become so overrated for tourists that it is actually one of the most underrated vacation spots.

Find Your Perfect Island

Hawaii is made up of several different islands and if you’re planning to hop around it can take up a whole day of travel. Finding the perfect island for you and your travel mates is a must before booking your vacation.

There is so much that you can see and do on each island and it is up to you to put in the time and figure out exactly what would work best for everyone. You may be looking to stay on an island that doesn’t attract as many tourists.

When it comes to the most visited Hawaiian island, then that would be Oahu because of the beautiful sights to see, the interesting things you can do, and all of the awesome resorts and beaches to relax on. Oahu is also a great place to get married as there are tons of Oahu wedding packages for you and your significant other. Even though Oahu can attract many tourists there are places on the island that aren’t as popular but just as beautiful.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quieter island with fewer tourists, then you may want to stay on Molokai or Lanai. You may not find as luxurious accommodations here but you will surely get to experience the culture of Hawaii.

Stay on Kauai

Kauai is an island that is usually forgotten about when it comes to vacationing in Hawaii. It does have some undesirable qualities for visitors who are looking for endless sun, luxurious resorts, or exciting attractions. But if you’re looking for a quieter time in Hawaii, then Kauai could be the perfect place for your stay.

When you visit Kauai, then chances are it might be raining. It rains about 15 days out of every month on this island. The interesting thing about the rain on this island is that you can drive around to find a sunnier spot. It is so unique that you might even be able to feel sunshine as well as a light drizzle in the same spot.

Another reason why you should stay on Kauai is that it is truly an adventure that can be rather dangerous at times. If you’re looking for a thrill, then Kauai has wild ocean waves, steep cliffs that give intense hiking trails, and sometimes you might not even have cell phone service. This is a great location to visit if you’re looking for an underrated vacation spot in Hawaii.

Try Authentic Hawaiian Cuisine

When you go to Hawaii and stay at a luxurious resort on an island filled with tourists, then you’re probably going to get food that tourists enjoy eating. But if you’re looking for a truly underrated experience, then you need to try some authentic Hawaiian cuisine at least once during your trip.

No matter which island you stay on you are sure to come across a restaurant with authentic Hawaiian food. There are many different traditional dishes that you need to try during your visit to Hawaii.

The first dish you should aim to try is Kalua Pig especially if you like pork. This dish is shredded pork cooked in an imu, which is an oven, and then it cooks in its own juices until it is nice and tender. Kalua Pig is a great dish to eat and tastes even better when you dip it in poi.

Another dish you should aim to try is Lau Lau which was originally cooked in an underground oven. Lau Lau is a steamed taro leaf wrapped around pork, chicken, beef or even fish.

Find Underrated Beaches

No matter where you go in Hawaii you are sure to find some underrated beaches. Every single island in Hawaii is surrounded by water after all so beaches are easy to come by and each island has its own beautiful ones.

If you’re staying on the Big Island, then you may want to adventure to Kehena Black Sand Beach. This is a unique spot where you will be able to see some spinner dolphins as they frequent the water around this beach. Kehena Black Sand Beach clearly gets its name from the breathtaking black sand that fills the shores. It is definitely a sight you need to add to your bucket list.

If you’ve opted to stay on Molokai, then you may want to venture over to Papohaku Beach which is the longest stretch of white sand beach throughout all of the Hawaiian islands. This beach is unique because, during World War II, the military had done training exercises on this beach which resulted in entire vehicles being buried at the waterline. You may actually be able to see these vehicles during high surf which is another magnificent sight you must see during your next vacation to Hawaii.

Hawaii’s Underrated Vacation Spots

Ultimately, when you’re deciding where you want to go during your next Hawaiian vacation it is up to you. You can spend the time island hopping and finding the most underrated vacation spots. Or you can just stick to one island because each island has lots of places that are quieter and less touristy.

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