7 Super Fun Lawn Games for All Ages

7 Super Fun Lawn Games for All Ages

It’s hard to get everyone to stop looking at a screen and spend some quality time together outdoors. You have to find something all will enjoy and be interested in doing.

Lawn games are the perfect choice to get everyone involved and they even have physical and mental benefits for all.

Why Are Lawn Games the Perfect Choice?

Lawn games can not only provide great entertainment and fun for all ages. They also provide mental and physical health benefits.

The right activities with the family and friends can improve cognitive functioning, help one’s memory, keep individuals physically active, reduce stress and even reduce the risk of serious medical events such as a heart attack or stroke.

It can also create memories and build stronger bonds between participants. This in itself can provide a more significant connection and relationship that leads to greater support networks in life.

1. Life-Size Board Games

Twister isn’t the only board game where you can jump onto the board. You can turn almost any board game into a life-size adventure.

Why not create your own giant versions of classic family favorites like games of Jenga, Connect Four, Monopoly, Candy Land, Yahtzee or Scrabble.

A few power tools, wood, plastic or craft supplies could turn into a new tradition at all your get-togethers with a bit of work and imagination.

You don’t really need more than some large dice or spinners, some colored chalk or paper to make the board squares and some creativity to have a personalized board game your family and friends will be begging to play again.

You could teach everyone how to play cornhole or even have each person bring a game that they created for others to play.

2. Summer Camp Lawn Games

Bring back some fond memories with some fun games people remember from summer camp. You can tweak the ideas so they’re appropriate for your specific gathering of people.

Think about your last company or school picnic for inspiration. Three-legged races, scavenger hunts, water balloon toss, and other nostalgic activities could be fun for young and old.

3. Minute to Win It Games

If you didn’t see the television show Minute to Win It, you missed a pretty popular game show that took off as a party activity for all ages.

There are hundreds of fun challenges and games that take unique skills and precision to complete in less than a minute.

Things like Face the Cookie, where a person has a minute to get a cookie that is on their forehead into their mouth only using their facial muscles to do so.

Another involves a tissue box strapped to you like a fanny pack with ping pong balls in it and you have to shake your booty until the balls fall out. It’s called Junk in the Trunk.

4. Actual Lawn Games

You could have fun playing games that are traditional lawn games such as lawn bowling or croquet.

Lawn darts and horseshoes are also popular choices and you can get some good nerf ones that aren’t dangerous to be thrown around crowds of people or your group of very inebriated friends.

Bocce is a familiar game for many of the older generation that spent their childhood summers at the cottage or summer resort. It’s been around since approximately 5000 BC so there must be something entertaining about it for it to last that long.

5. Miniature Golf

You might even have fun turning your lawn into a miniature golf course for your friends and family to have fun competing for the most hole in ones and the lowest overall score.

Everyone could brainstorm on ideas for various hazards and obstacles and even design their own miniature golf holes to challenge the group.

This is a great DIY activity that doesn’t take more than a few putters, a few golf balls, some cups or dug out holes and some recycled junk turned into obstacles. You could even have the children use cardboard boxes or plastic bottles to decorate to create their own 9 or 18 hole miniature golf course for everyone to enjoy.

You can make your mini-golf course as simple or elaborate as you want. The possibilities are endless and the results could make your mini-golf backyard the talk of the town.

6. Lawn Games with Nets

You could always set up a net and have a friendly game of volleyball, badminton, or pickleball.

Set the net a little lower and give the children some balloons to play a game of balloon volleyball together without the harsh hits of an actual volleyball against their skin.

For some added fun you could always turn those balloons into water balloons and have teams try to get the opposite side as wet as possible with their tosses across the net.

For an added challenge add badminton rackets to the mix and switch the water out for colored shaving cream and everyone is sure to be giggling at this less painful and much cheaper DIY version of paintball.

7. Games with Water

If you’re playing lawn games in the hot summer weather it may be a good idea to add some water to the mix.

There are lots of fun water lawn games you can all enjoy. From creating your own slip and slide to a homemade water splash pad you are only limited by the amount of time, effort and planning you want to put into your games.

An easy sprinkler can be created with a pop bottle, hose, and a connector. All you have to do is punch some holes in the pop bottle so the water can spray through them. Attach the hose with duct tape or a hose connector that you can buy at most hardware stores and let kids of all ages cool off while running through the sprinklers

Create Memories Playing Lawn Games

You can have an awesome time and create memories that are cherished by everyone young and old if you choose the right lawn games for your gathering.

There’s a lawn game out there that is sure to get everyone at your party away from technology and basking in the sun while having fun.

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