How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor

There are few things in life more exciting than renovating a house. After all, this is a great way to breathe new life into an existing structure.

No matter if you’re in the process of renovating or designing a new home, choosing the right flooring is important.

Hardwood floors are more popular than ever. They are beautiful and durable, and also help increase the value of your home. In this article, we take a look at the different types of hardwood floors.

Keep reading for insight into the right type of hardwood flooring for your home.


Walnut floors typically feature a dark and exotic look. They look great in nearly any type of home. Walnut is an extremely hard wood, thus offering a great durable surface that’s perfect for homes that experience a lot of heavy foot traffic.

This is a versatile and beautiful material that is especially ideal for families with kids and pets.

Spotted gum timber is another great option that continues to grow in popularity.


Bamboo is a flooring material that has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few decades. This popularity is partly due to its natural beauty, as well as its durability and the fact that it is relatively inexpensive.

Technically, bamboo is actually considered a grass, yet is sold as a hardwood flooring material.


Maple is an extremely popular material with homeowners for use as hardwood flooring. It offers a subtle grain pattern is looks great in both small and larger spaces.

Maple is another hardwood that is ideal for high traffic areas, due to its durability.

Keep in mind that maple might not be the best choice for staining. It’s less porous than other woods, thus it won’t absorb stains very easily.


Cherry has an elegant appearance that makes it great for high-end homes. It has a lovely appearance that adds a warm atmosphere to any room. Just keep in mind that this is a hardwood that actually scratches quite easily.


Oak ranks among the most popular hardwood flooring materials. It’s durable while also offering a timeless look that makes it perfect for nearly any style of interior.


Mahogany is a slightly more expensive hardwood flooring option. But it’s beautiful and durable, making it ideal for homeowners who are willing to make the investment.

Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Another option to keep in mind is engineered hardwood. This is material that offers the look and texture of hardwood but is much more affordable and durable, while also being environmentally friendly.

Engineered hardwood flooring provides a nearly endless selection of colors and is manufactured in layers. Installation is also more consistent, due to the lack of gaps between seams. This makes installation quick and easy.

Understanding the Different Types of Hardwood Floors

Picking between the different types of hardwood floors for your home is an important step in designing the house of your dreams. Fortunately, the tips contained here can help.

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