What Makes Mediterranean Culture So Romantic?

What Makes Mediterranean Culture So Romantic?

1.4 million couples in the US take a honeymoon each year.

Hawaiian island-hopping, a fireplace-lit ski trip, or the Carribean cruise are all popular choices for romantic vacations. In recent years, however, couples in search of romance are flying to the Mediterranean.

What is it about the Mediterranean culture that makes it ripe for romance?

Let’s take a look.

1. Gorgeous Scenery

The architecture on the Mediterranean is the perfect backdrop for romance. In Sicily, for example, a volcano looms above gorgeous sandy beaches. Sun-kissed pink homes create a staircase to the medieval village just uphill, where nightlife and bars await.

In the Greek Islands, buildings with turquoise domes loom over precipices overlooking the sea. Blue and green meld together in artistic swishes and swirls while you eat your breakfast on a cobblestone terrace.

Croatia is another popular spot for a couple adventures. With its distinctive fishing villages and terracotta-tiled roofs, you can view spectacular sunsets by the waves or amble into the cities for a look at plazas, towers, and fountains.

2. Scrumptious Cusine

Recently, Mediterranean diets have become popular because they are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Fresh fruits and veggies, whole, processed grains, seeds, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil are making a popular resurgence in restaurants and kitchen tables nationwide.

A trip to the Greek islands will stir your palate because of its welcome simplicity and freshness. There is no shortage of restaurants dotting the mountainous coast.

Sample fresh olives, honey, and cinnamon at a cobblestone cafe. Fresh tzatziki yogurt with cucumber and garlic will delight your waistline as well as your palate.

Greeks are also masters of charcoal-grilled meats. Try chunks of skewered pork topped with tomatoes and onions and a side of light pita bread. Local free-range lamb and pork are popular at small Greek restaurants known as tavernas.

Expect to eat a bit more hearty if you visit Sicily. Very popular with visitors is the sfincione, a spongy and delicious pizza-like dough topped with cheese, bread crumbs, and olive oil. Classic fresh pasta and “Sicilian rolls” with veal, onions, and pine nuts will keep your belly full and your heart bursting with love.

And don’t forget a Sicilian sponge cake with sweet ricotta and liqueur for dessert!

Those visiting the south of France will have no shortage of local wines and cheeses to sample. Popular meals include soups, fresh fish, and eggplant seasoned with garlic, tomato, and herbs de Provence.

You will want to stop by an authentic patisserie for a flaky pastry and coffee in the morning, or a sweet mousse cake or cream puff for dessert.

3. So Much to Do

Eating, drinking, and swimming is just part of the fun in the Greek Islands. If you are looking for a daytime adventure, mountain-climbing and sight-seeing abound. The ancient sites of Corinth and Phaestos will provide you with plenty to learn and talk about.

In Sicily, sites like Palermo with its markets and theaters will provide you with plenty of local colors. And the Etna volcano is not to be missed!

Seaside villages and frescos are popular sites in the South of France. And don’t forget villages like Avignon along the river.

Less-crowded Croatia shares a maritime border with Italy. You can walk Dubrovnik’s old-town walls or swim in a hidden cave. It is also a great place to rent a scooter to access more secluded beaches.

4. Romantic Accommodations

Staying in the Mediterranean is anything but ordinary. Many resorts are a vacation in themselves, with on-site restaurants, rooftop decks, and pools. Some also have their own golf courses and private beaches.

Rooms in the Mediterranean views of the water or floor-to-ceiling windows. Think silky curtains, plush bedding, and a small table on the patio. Rooms may have jetted tubs and fitness centers.

Resorts come equipped with terraces, rooms, and spas. Some are all-inclusive and others have kids’ and teen clubs.

Folks in The Mediterranean are laid-back and accommodating. Expect to feel like a treasured guest, and to wish you could stay forever.

5. Laid-Back Lifestyle

Life in the Mediterranean is laid-back and sultry compared to the hustle-and-bustle of home. In Italy, for example, life is centered around family meals and sharing. Think about three-hour siesta in the middle of the day.

Mediterranean folks love to retell stories and laugh often. Tradition is an important part of everyone’s life, no matter how hard they work.

Mediterranean lifestyle has recently become the inspiration for much of modern culture. Light and tasty eating, farm-to-table sharing, and pottery-infused architecture have allowed us to take a little of the island-easy into our stress-inducing daily lives. Local farmer’s markets and home-spun boutiques display our affinity for the simple and locally grown.

Island locals don’t have gym memberships, but they exercise often. Walking, biking or hiking to local destinations are a great natural way to exercise.

Natural exercise is a great way to get fit without feeling burdened by exercise. Fresh air is good for your digestive health, blood pressure, and heart rate. It will give you more energy and a sharper mind.

The Mediterranean vacation is a free-styling adventure into a warmer, simpler, more colorful world. It is a great way to jump-start your romance.

The Romantic Mediterranean Culture

Delicious food, spectacular scenery, and lovely resorts are excellent reasons to experience the Mediterranean culture. And you may find yourself falling in love all over again!

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