Dramatic Makeup Look Idea for Redefining Your Eyes

dramatic makeup

Winters gives us an opportunity to experiment with heavy makeup, unlike summer where we like to go light. So, if you want to try out dramatic makeup looks, this is the perfect time to do it. From smokey eyes to bold lip colors, from glitters on your face to sequin dresses, there are endless ways to add drama to how you look. Here, we will give you some ideas to try out makeup that adds drama to your look.

Dramatic makeup for the eyes

Your eyes have a lot of ways to define how you look. It is one of the ideal facial features to add or subtract drama. For example, simple kohl can make your look light while smokey eyes can change it completely. If we had to just transform one part of your facial features to add drama, it has to be your eyes. You can let the rest of the makeup go low but still manage to add drama only with the eyes. Check out different ways to add makeup to your eyes, in order to try this out.

The twiggy eyelashes

Twiggy eyelashes were common during the 60s. If you want to bring back a retro trend with your dramatic makeup, you got to try this one out 36 experts. One common mistake most people make while trying to add drama to their makeup is exaggerating their eyelashes.

You simply need to add a few coats of mascara to the lower and upper lashes to make them look fuller. If you want to add extra love, you can use artificial lashes as well. All you need after that is a finely tipped liquid liner to sketch out small ticks on the lower lash. The look makes your eyes bigger and helps you rock the twiggy vibe.

The thick and long eyeliner

How about taking cat eyes to the next level? Don’t worry even if you’re making the line too thick on the top. In this case, the thicker your eyeliner is, the better it looks. The look definitely works best with black liquid eyeliners, so we recommend you to try that only.

Once you’re done creating a thick line, all you need to do is extend. You need to draw a line past the inner corner of the eyes to make it look dramatic. You can also experiment by adding matching lines underneath the lashes. For the ultimate dramatic makeup, try this one with different color liners.

Smokey eyeshadow in dark colors

Eyeshadows play an important role when you need to add drama to your look. For achieving this, we would recommend you try smokey colors. How about trying a coal-black eye that stands out with your highlighted cheekbones? You can also add metallics or layers of metallic shadows for a dark matte shade to add depth. Also, don’t forget the shimmery shadows in the crease and the lid to make the eyes bright with.

The metallic rainbow eyeshadow

If you want to follow the current trends in dramatic makeup styles, you’d want to try metallic eyeshadow. One amazing idea to add here is having the rainbow eye makeup look. Of course, the rainbow in your eye makeup will not look subtle. So, you need to be absolutely sure if you can carry it. The look does take you out of your comfort zone but can look amazing if you carry it well eyebrows for square faces.

The copper highlighter

You might be used to highlighting the inner corner with nude or white eyeshadow colors. But for pulling off this dramatic eye makeup look, you got to use a metallic copper shadow. For this one, try out the Diamond Dust product from L’Oréal Paris. Fill in the inner corners and drag the eyeshadow along with the lash line.

Winged liner

Winged eyeliner has been in trend for quite some time now and we can’t help but agree that it is the quickest and easiest way to do dramatic makeup. Winged eyeliner makes a statement on its own and all you got to do is pair it up with a nude eye color to stand out. You can also play up the intensity with the smokey eye look. But if you’re absolutely new to the winged liner look, you can try a waterproof eyeliner that comes with a removal wing stencil. It will help you apply the perfectly winged lines, every time!

Graphic eyeliner

Want to take your eye makeup to the next level? How about trying the graphic eyeliner designs? Many of you might be tired of the straight lines or winged lines either your upper or lower lash lines. It is fun to have geometric eyeliners that are pretty and bold. We recommend you to have it done by a makeup artist if you’re not well-versed with the style. However, you can also lookout for a dramatic makeup tutorial to pull this off!

The bold and defined eyebrows

What you have to consider along with your dramatic eye makeup are your eyebrows. To make things simple for you, grab all the brow products you have to start with this one. Now start by lining up the top and then the bottom of the eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil to do that and shade in slightly in the middle. Once you define the shape, you have to start filling them in. Now, use the best eyebrow shadow you have for filling up every white space you find. Perfect the shape up by defining the look and don’t forget the brow mascara while doing so.

Redefine your lips

If you don’t have time to go through a detailed eye makeup tutorial, you can always dramatize your lips. This way, you can keep your eyes subtle or try both! Find out how to make your lips bold and dramatic with the tips below:

1. Add moisture

You can’t make your lips look dramatic if they are dry or cracked. You need a balm to keep up the moisture and this has to start way before you have the event. A balm will help you keep your lips soft and hydrated.

2. Pick a bold color

The classic red lipstick is what every makeup artist swears by. But how your overall look is, will determine the color you finally pick. For example, if you wanted a subdued drama you need a lip liner to create the base. A deep red or rose-hued lipliner can give you the right impact and make your lips look lush and hydrated. Try to find the best lip liner that matches your mood and see how it’ll impact your overall look.

It is smart to choose a bold matte lipstick, that not just stays but redefines your lips. Matte lipsticks make your lips look like they’re naturally of a certain color as it dries up. It also lasts longer than usual and looks good with anything you wear.

If you don’t want your lips to look dry with a matte color tone, you can always top it up with a gloss. The muted red color tone can immediately transform into a glossier finish and make stand out.

Products to buy for dramatic makeup

Now that you know that your eyes and lips can make your makeup look dramatic at any moment, it is time to know the products to buy. Here, we will give you a list of products that you need and the probable brands that sell these at its best. Check it out right now and quickly buy them online:

1. Ardell Lashes

Are you upset that your boyfriend has prettier lashes to flaunt and you don’t? Well, then it is time you buy yourself the ones that add volume and length. Ardell lashes can meet your need and not need you to apply makeup on the lashes at all. They are one of the bestsellers and come with amazing magnetic eyelash technology.

The Ardell lashes also have a double-up line that includes eight different lash types. Each of them has twice the number of eyelashes then the normal falsie ones. This, in turn, makes your lashes look thicker. Every lash is feathered and knotted by hands to make sure it lasts long and is of premium quality.

The Double Wispie eyelashes by Ardell is ideal for people who are trying to avoid messy self-adhesives. These are reusable eyelashes that are not only pre-curved but also easy to apply and gives an instant volume, definition, and length. (onlinephentermine.net) It gives you a similar volume like the Double Up eyelash gives you.

2. Spacepaste Glitter

For a long time, we have been only discussing eyes and lips. It is time to understand that your facial makeup includes other products as well. One thing that can add instant drama to your look in glitter. You can apply it both to your face and your body. Makeup glitters are made with a unique formula that helps you achieve the level of shine you desire. If you want to de-glitter in a certain part of your body, you can apply water and tone it down.

3. Ben Nye Eyeshadow

The Lumiere Grand shadow palette can give your eyes an amazing shine and vibrancy. It is ideal for your dramatic makeup look and it comes with 22 color options to give you a bold look.

The eyeshadow intensifies your eyes and you can apply them either wet or dry for improving the opacity. The shadow is completely smudge-proof and resists water. These eyeshadow colors are sold individually, so you need to find out which one you wish to buy right away.

4. Foundation from Joe Blasco

Kim Kardashian swears by this foundation and it happens to be a staple product for more celebrities worldwide. It comes with a creamy, lightweight formula, which conceals blemishes and uneven skin tone. The product gives you proper coverage and lasts really long. You get to choose from 38 different shades to get an accurate match.

5. Eyeliner by Ben Nye

You definitely need an eyeliner that helps you get the perfect wing. This is yet another Ben Nye product that can control the look at ease and comes in five different shades. The pigmented formula is smooth and dramatic. The best part about this product is that it is water-resistant and comes with a contoured handle for easy grip.

6. Perfect Poutz lip crème

The silky lip makeup gives you a bold, glamorous, and rick look. It is a liquid matter color that will make heads turn. It comes with a metallic shine that interests your eyes and is yet subtle. The color ranges from nude to red, so you can pick your options. It comes with a unique formula that is neither liquid-wet nor dry matte. It doesn’t deplete the moisture and transforms you completely within 15 seconds.

7. Highlighter

You need to draw attention to your cheekbones along with your eyes and lips. Thus, you need a highlighter to do the magic it can offer. According to your skin tone and the makeup you’re trying to do, you need to figure out which highlighter you are likely to buy.

8. Your favorites

You know what exactly can make you look bold and beautiful. If there is something you have in mind in terms of makeup, you got to swear by that. For someone, it could be color contact lenses while for someone else it could be a black Mac lipstick. Whatever you’re trying to do, just make sure you get at it and that’s how your makeup will be perfectly dramatic!

Finally, if you have naturally extraordinary eye colors, your makeup will differ from regular kinds. Check out tutorials for dramatic makeup looks for blue eyes, if that’s what you naturally have. The makeup ideas will give you an absolutely different transformation.


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