How to Choose and Buy the Right Kind of Cannabis for you


Since the legalization of medical cannabis in most states in the US, the use of this miracle drug is on the rise. More and more people are now using the product both for medical purposes or recreational, at least in those states where the ban has been lifted completely. With so many product strains bombarding the market, being able to choose the right kind of cannabis for you can be somewhat challenging.

For example, many patients are spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best strain for them but without getting their desired results. So, what is the best approach to follow when choosing and buying a cannabis product that best suits your needs? Here is a list of some tips to make your search easier:

1. Intended Purpose

The first thing that determines what strain you choose is the purpose intended for the product. Cannabis comes in a myriad of both medical and recreational uses. And, one thing that you must note is that different strains are better for some purposes instead of others. Therefore, the strain you will choose will all depend on your desired effect.

This means that before you decide to purchase a particular cannabis product, do in-depth research on both the positive and negative effects of these strains. Some may cause harmful effects such as dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth, among others. Depending on your desired effect, cannabis can be categorized based on their purposes as follows:

· Best Energy Strains

Typically, Sativa strains contain higher THC levels. This is the psychoactive element in marijuana. Therefore, Sativa-dominant strains tend to stimulate energy, as well as creative thinking.

Best Energy Strains

These marijuana strains are most famous for recreational and social purposes. This is because they cause the “high” effect, and they also tend to encourage conversations.  However, it’s important to note that various Sativa strains can cause anxiety, and paranoia if they have THC levels that exceed 18%.

Some popular products in this category include Sour Diesel, Casey Jones, Golden Goat, and more.

· Best Strains for Sleep

If you are looking for a better sleep experience, Indica-dominant cannabis does the trick. Cannabis strains that have Indica characteristics tend to be best for self-induced sleep. They are therefore used in most cases to treat sleep apnea and insomnia.

Apart from Indica-dominant strains, strains that contain the cannabinoid called cannabinol, also known as CBN are ideal for sleep. This CBN is a result of cannabis degeneration, and you can, therefore, attain the effect by drying your cannabis strain in the sun.

Some of the best strains for sleep include Bubba Kush, BC God Bud, White Rhino and more.

· Best Pain Management Cannabis Strains

For pain management purposes, there are multiple elements in marijuana responsible for its analgesic effects. For example, THC is known for its ability to reduce pain significantly when it comes to cancer patients. It binds with the body’s pain-sensing receptors to considerably reduce the pain in patients.

CBD is another component of marijuana that is known to reduce both inflammation and pain in patients. The best thing with CBD is that it does so, without causing a high effect as THC does.

However, the best pain reliving effects come from strains with a combination of multiple pain-relieving elements, including CBD, THC, CBG, and CBN. Some of the known pain relievers include White Widow, Northern Lights and more.

· The Anxiety Cannabis Strains

According to research, THC, when taken in a low dose, can reduce anxiety. It does so by binding with the section of the brain that is liable for anxiety and stress feelings.

However, higher doses of THC will result in the opposite effect. This means, instead of the component reducing anxiety, it raises anxiety. If you want to treat anxiety, you can use marijuana strains that contain low THC levels.

2. Purchase Points

Despite knowing what you want, the place where you buy your product also matters. Since there are numerous outlets offering cannabis products, it is good to choose wisely where you buy them, least you purchase low-quality products. So where do you get pure, high-quality cannabis?

· Online Stores

Currently, numerous online stores offer these products. However, if you want to buy cannabis online, you must ensure that the site you are using is genuine and provides quality products. This is because there are also sites that will offer products that are not up to your desired quality.

If you are looking for a site that offers a full spectrum cannabis product, you can check out WeedSmart. Here, they provide more than 100 cannabis strains and free delivery for purchases over $99.

· Cannabis Dispensaries

In the US, there are numerous marijuana dispensaries you can buy your products from. These dispensaries are regulated by local governments and are ideal for the in-person purchase of cannabis products. They sell products both for recreational and medical use.

If you are in a place like Canada, you also don’t have to worry. This is because, apart from the online sites, there are also dispensaries and other outlets that sell these products. TopDispensary in Canada is one such site where you can get quality cannabis products in any form that you need.

· Method of Consumption

How you intend to consume the product will also affect how you choose your cannabis. Different individuals prefer different consumption methods. Therefore, when selecting a product, you must ensure that it will fit your way of consumption.

For example, some will prefer the inhalation method (vaping or smoking), while others will prefer ingestion which includes drinking or eating it. These methods produce varying effects due to how the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream.

If you want to experience the effects of the products faster, choose inhalation products. However, you must know that inhalation will eventually harm your lungs.

Ingesting cannabis, on the other hand, might take longer to produce your desired effects, unlike inhaling. For instance, to gauge the effectiveness of the product, you should wait for about an hour after ingestion.



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