CBD can promote healthy hair

cbd for Healthy hair

Healthy hair has always been a priority irrespective of gender or age differentiations. No wonder hair loss is a major and had become the most common problem now. Though studies have proved there is no perfect cure, there are numerous remedies to minimize the problem. Now, let’s see if CBD can promote healthy hair.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, shortly called CBD, is a molecule or a compound found which is produced uniquely in the cannabis family derived from the hemp plants (leaves and flowers). It can be supplied in multiple ways, and one of them is as CBD oil containing only CBD as the active ingredient without THC.

Importance of CBD and its role in hair treatments: 

Contents that lead to defining how CBD can affect hair are actually interesting as it clears that

CBD oil is packed with:

  • High Vitamin E and Vitamin A
  • rich in Fatty Acids like Omega 3 Omega 6 and Omega 9, 
  • full of Antioxidants like Calcium, Magnesium
  • CBD oil also contains Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA).

These ingredients not only help to promote hair growth, but they can also protect the existing hair strands helping in hair loss treatments.  

Fatty acids

Fatty acids are beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it provides moisture to the entire scalp and hair. Secondly, it protects the cuticle against the external damage reducing the breakage and split ends. 

Amino acids

Adding to it, the hair is composed mostly of the protein called keratin, which is essential to the hair growth too, and Amino acids are perfect building blocks of the hair protein. Now since CBD oil is enriched with amino acids, the hair protein is strengthened, enabling vibrant and robust hair growth. Amino acids also play a vital role in red blood cells (RBC) production. Now that says that growth in RBCs increases blood and supplies nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles.


 The essential Omega 6 fatty acid in CBD oil is gamma-linolenic acid; the GLA shows great assurance promising in combatting hair loss. A study on this says it is because it promotes blood flow to the scalp. 

Other Advantages

CBD also helps to regulate sebum production. Sebum is a combination of different oils that can lubricate and shield our skin and hair. Sebum producing glands surround each of the hair follicles, secreting these natural oils to help our hair and skin stay healthy and hydrated.

No wonder that CBD oil with these great ingredients in it improves blood circulation, cerebral blood flow, helping the nutrients drive into the hair follicles removing toxins and promoting stronger, healthier, longer, smoother, and shiny new hair. So, it has been used in hair loss treatments.


Now, there are many ways to use CBD on hair and scalp. One can apply CBD oil directly or can use a shampoo that contains CBD or CBD oil to a conditioning treatment. However, it may take some experiments to check the right method for each of us. Whatever may be the preferences, it is good to add CBD oil to one’s self-care routine. The popularity of CBD infused in cosmetics is growing, and its beneficial results are up to the mark.

The cosmetic market had produced many CBD infused products such as 

  • CBD oil, 
  • CBD shampoo, 
  • CBD conditioner,
  • CBD soap,
  • CBD serums, etc.,

CBD edibles are also available in the market. There are oral intake methods of CBD too. Products such as CBD capsules, CBD oral spray, CBD oral drops, etc., CBD edibles are available in different sources and using them is similarly easier just as external products. The combination of THC and CBD is widely used in and as Oral Spray does have approvals in several countries for treating pain and acnes. 

Advanced Thesis

Studies have now focused on CBD to treat serious diseases like cancer, chronic pain along with inflammation issues and treating them by impacting cannabinoids and interaction with the neural transmitters have shown a reduction in pain and inflammation. 


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