How Much Does an Electrician Cost: The Only Guide You Will Need

How Much Does an Electrician Cost: The Only Guide You Will Need

Have you been working on some renovations in your home or has your electricity been acting up lately? You may be wondering how much does an electrician cost? If so, keep reading below to learn more about what to expect when you call an electrician to come check out your home.

Types of Electricians

Before we get into how much electricians cost it’s important to understand the different types of electricians.

Apprentice Electrician

When an electrician is first learning how to be an electrician and working on getting experience under their belt they are considered an apprentice. They are not licensed yet and it takes about four years of being an apprentice working with someone else.

At this point in their learning, an apprentice electrician is doing basic work such as installing lights and replacing outlets. An apprentice is also able to wire cables but with the assistance of a master electrician. An apprentice will charge on the lower end of the spectrum.

Journeyman Electrician

A journeyman has completed their 4 years of apprenticeship, their technical schooling, and passed their Electrical Journeyman exam. At this point, they can work without any supervision and are able to work on all projects involved with electricity. A Journeyman’s prices will be higher than an apprentice.

Master Electrician

A master electrician has passed the Master Electrician exam and has worked as a journeyman for two years. A Master Electrician is able to open their own business such as Solid Power Inc. and they can manage both, Journeyman and Apprentices. The Master electrician has put in the time and has the most experience which will come with a higher price tag.

Commercial Hourly Rate

A commercial electrician’s average rate is between $95 to $120 per hour or more. It depends on the experience and the job. Keep in mind that a commercial electrician will charge 10-30% more per hour than a residential electrician.

Residential Rates

Depending on how big the job is the rates will vary. A smaller electrical job will cost between $140-$400 including the callout fee. A larger job can cost between $1500-$10,000+. The electrician should be able to give you an estimate once they come out to see the job you need done.

Call Fee

The average call fee for an electrician is between $75-$120. $75 is typically the charge for an apprentice and the higher end is for a Master electrician. The fee is to cover the gas and the time the technician spends to come out to your home.

Some companies include the first hour that the technician spends on the job as part of their service call fee.

Emergency Call

Anything last minute will come at a higher price. If you need a last-minute repair, a weekend repair, or a holiday repair then expect to pay on average $150 per hour. Make sure to ask if there is also a callout fee because some electricians might charge an extra fee of about $75.

An electrician in your area might charge a flat fee no matter how long they are there and this can range anywhere between $200-$400, depending on your area.

Now You Know How Much Does an Electrician Cost

Hopefully, we have answered your question “how much does an electrician cost?” Please keep in mind that everything depends on when you make the call, how large the project is, and how much experience the electrician has.

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