Understanding The Different Wood Flooring Styles and Where You Can Use Them In Your Home

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Wood floors have been a staple in homes for hundreds of years. As a result, there have been many styles which have developed. Some of the styles have come in and out of fashion, while others have remained constant and popular over time. We have teamed up with Amtico, who specialise in luxury vinyl flooring, which includes a broad range of wood styles. Their vinyl tiles can be installed in your home in a variety of patterns, such as Parquet, French weave, castle weave and many others. In this article, Amtico have provided some expert advice on the best uses for these different styles of flooring and where they work best in your home.

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One of the most classic flooring styles you can create with wood, or wood style, flooring is Parquet. This style has been around for hundreds of years and can be seen in some of the most historic palaces in Europe, such as Versailles. In modern homes, it’s often installed in hallways which works really well. This is because the angular nature of the flooring pattern creates a sense of movement which can draw people down the hallway. 


With Parquet, there are some variations you can introduce with the size of wood or wood vinyl tiles, along with the colour and shade used. This can create some interesting patterns which can enhance your hallway and elevate the space to become a part of your home you can enjoy. If traditional Parquet isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not check out block Parquet which offers a softer finish while keeping the elements of the classic design but in a more modern style.


There are several variations on the weave pattern, including the French Weave, Basket Weave and Castel Weave. One of the benefits with a weave flooring pattern is that you can create a flooring style which is easily adaptable to both modern or traditional homes. Whichever weave pattern you choose, you will end up with a strong geometric pattern. Depending on how you look at the floor, you may see large squares, small squares or triangles and this creates some variation which isn’t pressent with other designs. When incorporating this style of flooring into your home, it works best in rooms with a relatively straight layout. By this we mean avoid curved areas where the curve or a wall could interfere with the geometric nature of the floor. For this reason, bedrooms and living rooms work well.


Stripwood is perhaps the most elegant and straightforward wood flooring option. This style works well almost anywhere in your home. If you’re looking to have a flooring style which runs throughout multiple rooms, for example from the living room through the hallways and into a dining room, this could be the best option. Stripwood also works well if you have statement furniture which you think may clash with a more detailed flooring style. Chesterfield sofas, for example, with their intricate buttoned finish could clash with a flooring style such as a weave or Parquet. For this reason, a stripwood style may work better in living rooms.

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When considering which flooring style to implement in certain rooms throughout your home, it’s always important to take into account the dimensions of the room and how intricate a flooring design might look on a large or small scale. You should also always consider the maintenance requirements with a floor which may help you decide between wood or wood style in the form of vinyl tiles. Making sure you end up with a flooring style you love and will love for years to come is crucial so take some time to think about how the design will look and interact with your existing furniture to make sure the final product is an excellent fit for your home.






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