Trends for your home in 2020


With the beginning of a new decade comes new home design trends to look out for. While we’re not saying these trends are going to last the whole decade, they are definitely ones you should look out for in 2020. The trends listed in this article cover your entire home rather than just focussing on one specific room. We hope you can take some inspiration from them when thinking about home improvements in the New Year!

Minimalist living spaces

A trend which has developed over the previous few years, and one that we only see increasing in popularity, is minimalism in the living spaces of your home. This interior design trend has gone hand in hand with a desire to reduce the waste in our lives both for environmental and financial improvements. In rooms such as the living room and kitchen/dining area, a reduction in the number of items taking up floor space along with more neutral clean colours will help create a minimalist environment. However, just because it’s minimalist doesn’t mean you can’t accessories the room. Plants still make a great addition to any room, and with a neutral colour palette for the room in general, a pop of colour from a plant or flower can really enhance the room without adding clutter.

Bold bathrooms

While living areas may remain on a minimalist trend for some, bathrooms are a room where bold expression is becoming more and more popular. There are several ways to achieve this look. Firstly, you can find baths and sinks in colours other than white, cream and grey, so it’s worth looking around. Secondly, while you may want a bold design for the walls or floor, both may be going a step too far. For this reason, we’d recommend one or the other. With the walls, you can find stunning tiles with a huge range of patterns or design to suit your taste. For the floor, you will want something which won’t be damaged by water while still offering a great design. Luxury vinyl tiles work really well as an option for your bathroom flooring.

bathroom flooring


Dark colours in the bedroom

Bedroom design has often focussed on light and airy colours but going into the new year, you should think about embracing dark colours because not only does it look great, but there are so many ways of doing it. You can achieve the look through dark coloured bedding, navy blues, dark greys or even black tones can create a stunning contrast between the colours on your walls which will probably still be light. You can also bring dark colours into the bedroom through the furniture in the room. Draws or wardrobes can use dark natural wood to create rich textures and colours. You can also change the curtains to a dark colour. Not only does this achieve a design trend, but it also serves a practical purpose in helping keep light out of the room when you’re trying to sleep.

Vertical gardening

Keen gardeners have always been great at making use of all available space in their gardens, and that desire to make use of any space has resulted in vertical gardening. By this we mean using vertical spaces, such as walls or fence, as extra gardening space. If this sounds like too much work for you, but you like the way it looks, why not consider using artificial grass to help create the effect. Not only does this give you a lot of option to get exactly the colour and length you want, but it’s significantly less maintenance than real grass, and it will last all year round.



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