What to do in Italy during the winter?

italy winter

Feel like traveling and taking a break during the winter? Well, Italy offers several winter destinations that can provide days of fun and relaxation. From north to south there are no difficulties to choose from, and to help you find the best destination for you, I offer some suggestions that may be part of your itinerary when touring Italy during the winter. 

Where to see snow near the main Italian cities?

We assume that the places to visit in Italy are many and of all kinds: sea, mountain and villages lost by the Apennine mountain range. Here we will have some indications of what can be done in this period of “cold” in Italy. Readers accustomed to the tropical climate, get ready for the cold !!! IMPORTANT: If you are traveling by car during the winter, be aware of the snow.

1) What to do in Italy during the winter? VILLAGE
There are several villages in Italy! It is common to have a medieval architecture and, although small, are always rich in culture, color, taste, perfume and aspects that tell the story of these small pieces of land scattered throughout the peninsula. These places want to be known, so they invite the tourist to become a “temporary citizen” of the community, to share the preciousness of the landscapes, the typical Enogastronomy, the popular folklore and the traditional festivals. Among so many villages, I can suddenly point to a lesser-known but very beautiful place: the village of Gerace in Calabria – elegant and oriental in character. Or another village to visit in Italy with a unique history is Orgosolo, in Sardinia. 

2) What to do in Italy during the winter? Umbria and Tuscany
Umbria and Tuscany have great winter tourist destinations – rich in culture, history, tradition and delicious typical dishes. Examples are: San Gimignano and Montepulciano (in the province of Siena), Orvieto, Corciano and Castiglione del Lago (in the Umbrian territory).

3) What to do in Italy during the winter? MAJOR CITIES

For the big cities, we always fall in the capitals. For lovers of art and culture, there are many cities that, even during the coldest periods of the year, know how to welcome with their unconditional human warmth thousands of tourists from all over the world, interested in knowing and enjoying the same spots. varied views: artistic, historical, architectural and cultural. First of all, surely we have Rome: a city with a unique historical-cultural background! Then you could say Florence, Naples, Milan, Venice, Torino, Trieste, Perugia etc. In the center and south, which also in winter offer a mild climate (perfect for sightseeing), such as Rome, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Agrigento, Cagliari and Bari – just to name a few.

Options in Northern Italy

Anyway, in the north there are also unmissable options in winter, among them: Venice, Milan, Genoa or Torino. With typical dishes, beautiful monuments and a historical-cultural heritage to be envied all over the world, they are a pleasant and interesting option for winter holidays.

4) What to do in Italy during the winter? SEA IN WINTER

For sea lovers, winter in Basilicata is an interesting destination. You can visit Maratea, with a succession of enchanting coves, untouched caves, islets, cliffs and picturesque beaches – not just in summer but also in the colder months of the year. Obviously not to bathe in the sea, but to relax in places with few people but with an ever present beauty !! 

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