5 Tips for Finding Sober Roommates After Rehab

5 Tips for Finding Sober Roommates After Rehab

Did you know that almost 21 million Americans have an addiction whether it be treated or untreated? That means a lot of patients were being released from rehab as well. After rehab, it is crucial to continue to use the tools you learned to continue your sobriety.

Your time after rehab is vital to continued sobriety. Learn where to find the support of sober roommates with these five tips.

1. Sober Living Homes

Now that you’re left drug and or alcohol rehab it is time to find sober roommates. If you cannot go home or do not have a home any longer a sober living home may be a good fit for you. Sober living homes can also be known as halfway houses or transitional living environments.

These are drug and alcohol-free homes that are created for people who have recently completed rehab. This means you will have roommates who are all sober as well as house guides lines dedicated to keeping the home space free from substances. For assistance in locating a reputable sober living home, please visit designforrecovery.com.

2. Outpatient Programs

Another option for sober roommates can be an outpatient program. If you need to extend your rehab stay or program an outpatient service may be right for you.

An outpatient program can help to link you with others seeking sober roommates once your rehab time is complete.

3. Online Roommate Listings

Online sober roommate listings are a great place to seek others looking for roommates in the same situation you are in. There are websites dedicated to finding sober roommates such as MySoberRoommate.

These are great resources for finding sober roommates if the traditional roommate boards are not successful. Websites and social media platforms like Facebook or Craigslist can be helpful in your search. However, you’ll need to be comfortable telling people you are seeking only sober roommates.

4. Talk to Your Therapist

If you are having a difficult time finding sober roommates, it can be helpful to talk to your therapist. They will likely have resources and tools to help you find a sober place to live. They may be able to connect you with other patients in a similar situation.

It can be uncomfortable to seek sober roommates, so talking to your therapist about your challenges is a good idea. Moving and finding new roommates is stressful in any situation, but it can be even harder to find a sober space to live. However, remember there are always people, like your therapist, that are there to help you.

5. Seek Sober Roommates in Your Support Group

Do you attend AA meetings? Or perhaps you go to a support group? These groups are a good resource for finding roommates.

These meetings already connect you with others in a similar situation as you. It is a great opportunity to reach out to see if anyone is seeking a roommate or even has a spare room for rent.

Live With Sober Roommates

It is very important for you to consider living with sober roommates after your rehab is complete. Now that you have these five tips for finding sober roommates after rehab you can get started on your search.

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