Here’s Why Pokemon Go is the Best Game for Travelers


Pokemon Go is a mobile application that offers an immersive experience thanks to the application’s programming, which is centered around the technology of Virtual and Augmented Reality. While using the camera and its built-in GPS, the game presents a virtual world for players to explore and offers a chance to find the best places to explore.

Some people would see Pokemon Go as another application that everyone would eventually forget, however, the game is already running for a few years now, and it’s still gaining more players each month. A vacation becomes more exciting as you get the chance to explore new places to encounter new Pokemon, thus making it a fantastic travel application.

The Craze Is Real

Pokemon Go started as a free to download mobile game, and it still is. Moreover, the game uses Augmented Reality programming that utilizes your GPS and the device’s camera to place monsters at a particular place digitally. When the player occupies the same location where the Pokemon are placed, then it becomes visible to be captured.

The game is slowly spreading throughout the world as it’s already available in App Stores and the Google Play Store across 31 countries, and who’s to say it would stop there. To date, Pokemon Go is already at the number one spot at the stores of both platforms, making it the first Augmented Reality game to hit the number one spot on both iOS and Android.

Pokemon Players Playing Non-Stop

Statistically, Pokemon Go players use the game for an average of 45 minutes each day, and that is just the average, what’s amazing is that it surpasses the numbers of big-time platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and even Snapchat. The game adds more thrill to the experience as it allows players to scout the best Pokemon Go locations out there.

Other people would see the game and assumes that it’s just another game; however, users are still playing the game since it requires you to go out and explore the world, unlike other generic games. It adds to the thrill and excitement that you would encounter hundreds more Pokemon by going out and exploring.

A Worldwide Scavenger Hunt

Tourism websites and travel bloggers are trying to encourage people to explore the world from a different perspective as they want people to take risks and go out on a journey as not all who wander are lost. Meeting new people, see a few things, stepping out of your comfort zone, is what is Pokemon Go is all about.

Ever wondered what would it look like if a million people would go out altogether while doing the same thing and having the same cause, a community happens. A community like this would take numerous years to construct; however, Pokemon Go managed to accomplish this within a few months after its release, bringing people from all ages together.

Travelers Are The Ultimate Trainers

Pokemon Go has become a world sensation anyone, regardless of age, sex, and gender can play and enjoy the game. You always look forward to playing the game as different places are home to different kinds of Pokemon, and the type of Pokemon you’ll find depends on the environment you’re currently exploring.

Knowing that the game requires players to travel into random places to discover and capture various Pokemons, travelers are at an advantage as they are always moving from one to another, which means more Pokemon encounters and discovering new Pokemon that can’t be found from where you have been.

Landmarks Are Important

In the game, landmarks play a massive role as there are multiple Pokestops located within your area that gives helpful items such as Pokeballs or revive potions. Moreover, the larger and more known landmarks are appointed as Pokemon Gyms, where the players battle whoever currently holds the gym.

You’re Required To Walk A Lot

The game tracks your location as well as the speed you’re traveling, in which the game would immediately warn the player that they’re going too fast, assuming that they’re inside a vehicle. Walking not only allows the players to discover new Pokemon as it helps the players hatch eggs as it requires the players to walk a set of distance to uncover new Pokemon.

Traveling Have Tons Of Downtime

While traveling, there’s bound to have times that you’re doing nothing as you wait for particular things such as the food that you ordered or the room that you reserved. Players should use this downtime to play Pokemon Go and do what players usually do once they open the game, play and enjoy the game.


In the past decade, innovative technologies have taken the world by storm that forced humanity to grow dependent on it. Moreover, Pokemon Go turned out to be beneficial as people would go out more, meet new people the traditional way, and especially getting the exercise the people never knew they needed.


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