Why a Wireless Doorbell Can Be Your Style Statement for 2020


These days, everything is becoming ‘smart.’ From light bulbs to watches, if it ain’t smart, it ain’t cool. Falling under the same bracket are wireless doorbells – the latest trend in intelligent technologies for your home. As you might have already guessed, these doorbells don’t come with wires, so they’re easy to install. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These doorbells are so cool that they can be ‘the’ style statement you make in 2020. 

Here’s how: 

Installing a wireless doorbell can increase security: Most wireless bells come with features like night vision and motion sensors. They can help you monitor your home from anywhere you like. An added benefit is video recording, which allows your bell to double as a security camera. 

Wireless bells send out instant alerts: After installing a smart doorbell, you can stay connected to your home even on the go. Whenever someone visits your home and rings the bell, you get a message. Considering the number of packages people tend to receive, this functionality can do wonders! 

They are portable: Hang around with the speaker, wherever you are. Working in the garden or shed is a lot easier if you have a wireless bell. You can carry the speaker around, thereby ensuring that no visitor turns away from your home. 

They are never dull: Most of these smart bells come with multiple tunes ensuring you never get bored with yours. Another great feature that this bell offer is that you can mute it – so when you don’t want visitors, you don’t have to deal with visitors. It’s not just a style statement, it’s a lifesaver. 

They come with humongous range: Whether you live in a big house or a small one, you can get a doorbell that suits your range. You may find that the best wireless doorbell comes with a transmitting range of over 1000 feet, which also makes them ideal for commercial buildings. So whatever your requirements, you can find a doorbell that’s perfect for you and your home. 

They are loud: Tired of standing outside your own home, ringing the bell? Get a smart doorbell. Unlike traditional bells, these can be set at a volume that covers your entire house, making sure the sound is heard even through closed doors and over loud music. 

They are weatherproof: If you’re worried about your high-tech gadget getting spoilt in hard weather conditions, you can stop worrying. Most of these bells are dustproof and waterproof, which enables them to withstand harsh weathers, easily. They also tend to come with a lifetime warranty, so you can get one and be good until the very end. 

They come in multiple styles: Most people spend a fortune on their homes, especially the outdoors. In such a scenario, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get a doorbell that looks amazing right next to your beautifully designed door? Well, you would. That’s why these bells come in so many different designs, so you can choose the perfect one.

Last but not least…

They are affordable: They will never cost you more than traditional doorbells because they are super easy to install. The price may go up with features, but most basic wireless bells are cost-effective. 

So, what’s the wait?

Go get yourself your very own high-tech doorbell! 


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