Guide For Slim Men to Look Fashionable

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To look fashionable, you must be comfortable making bold choices. Trends change every now and then and the style of the majority shifts like crazy every year. The lack of courage isn’t the only problem that men encounter when trying to blend in with the fashionable crowd… at times, it’s their slender body that weakens their self-confidence to try on new attires. 

Overcome this barrier easily by reading and following this guide:  


  • Stay Away from Oversized Clothes

Oversized clothes will make you look skinnier than you are now. You cannot disguise yourself as a muscular man wearing clothes twice your size. If you are after a more muscular look, wear clothes that fit.


  • Learn from Fashionable Skinny Men

Just a couple bucks and you have yourself a men’s fashion magazine to guide you with your clothing choices. If you aren’t that traditional for magazines, the Internet has got a lot more to offer. A simple google search of “fashionable skinny men,” can go a long way. 

Don’t be afraid to copy others’ styles. Put down your pride and let their success be yours. 


  • Try Other Looks


If your fashion-sense is not bringing you anywhere close to being fashionable, it’s time to try other looks. Once you get yourself acquainted with today’s style with a magazine or by browsing online fashion blogs… it’s your turn to contribute to the world’s growing trends. Ride the fad by wearing a custom t-shirt, if you want to. Be bold enough to try on a new look: straight cut jeans yesterday, cuffed skinny jeans today. 

  • Play with Light Colors


Light colors will look good on anyone, but they’ll look better on slim dudes. Think about all the light blue options you have in your wardrobe right now. Aren’t they easier to match and wear? That’s the beauty of light colored clothes. In addition, light colors make the illusion of being bigger and wider.


  • Use Horizontal Stripes to Your Advantage


They say magic tricks are just illusions. I say, illusions are magical. 

Horizontal stripes on your body will make you look like you’ve spent three months crunching out in the gym. In all seriousness, really, they will make you look wider and more muscular.

Bulky horizontal stripes around your chest will make it look bigger. Wearing thin stripes on your torso will also make you look shorter if you are just “too tall.”


  • Layer Up


Really make use of your wardrobe by wearing everything at once! Exaggeration aside, you can make yourself look more muscular by layering your clothes but not too much. Overdoing it can make you look out of place and unsightly.

In a casual occasion, you can wear a plain white shirt under a dark colored cardigan. 


  • Make Your Neck Look Wider


Wear turtlenecks or scarves. Mask your stick-like figure by covering your shoulders and neck. This part is always overlooked. It’s not enough looking buff with layered clothes. If your skinny neck is visible, you’ll sell the tough guy look out. 

Avoid shirts with flimsy collars that would droop down and reveal your collar bones, exposing your skinny frame. 


  • Posture is Key


It’s not all about what you wear. Mostly, it’s how you carry what you wear. 

Stand tall, chest out and avoid slouching over. You’ll look scrawny and weak if you do this. Together with your clothes that fit you well, present yourself better by looking strong and confident in your outfit.

Alter Your Future with Fashion


Introduce yourself to people around you without saying a word. Tell them you’re a responsible and respectable person through your clothes; Increase your chances for promotion, getting hired and meeting new opportunities. 



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