Preparing to Move: 5 Essential Decluttering Tips

preparing to move

Up to one in four Americans have a clutter problem, according to surveys. Too much stuff is making us unhappy, disorganized and poorer.

Are you moving home? You now have the opportunity to get rid of lots of things that you don’t need and never use anymore.

However, the tasking of decluttering your life can be daunting. Check out our decluttering tips while you’re preparing to move house below.

1. Organize Your Sell, Donate and Trash Bags

When you’re decluttering your possessions, you need to separate your things into three main groups.

Many of your items may be worth quite a lot of money. This could be sold in a variety of easy ways.

You also need to organize some items to be donated to a charity. These could be a mix of items that could be used by someone else.

Finally, your trash bag should be filled with items that are simply garbage. However, make sure you recycle everything that is possible.

2. Tackle One Space at a Time

Many people get excited and motivated to tackle the whole house. During preparing to move house, you start to declutter your home.

And yet, you quickly lose enthusiasm. Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed by the size of the challenge.

You simply need to tackle each room one by one. This will allow you to slowly and gradually complete your decluttering of your home.

3. Be Ruthless With Your Stuff

You may be extremely sentimental about your things. You may even not want to give away anything or throw your stuff in the trash.

However, you need to adopt the perspective of a stranger. Imagine someone else walking into your home and evaluating whether to keep or get rid of your items.

You may even need to ask a friend to help support you. They may point out things about your home that you didn’t realize.

This moving company can help you transfer your items to your new home.

4. Think About Your New Home

You probably have items in your home that you love and use. But, you need to remember that you’re moving house.

There may not be any room for your old things if you’re downsizing. If you’re moving from a vintage home to a modern building, it may not be the right style.

It can be difficult to declutter items that you actually want. But, you shouldn’t desperately try to store these items in your brand new home.

5. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

When it comes to organizing your new home, remember that you need to have a place for everything. When you have finished using something, put it back where it belongs.

When you find an item outside of its place, that’s called clutter. This can help to avoid cluttering your home in the future.

Decluttering Before Preparing to Move

Now you know how to declutter your home before preparing to move.

It can be overwhelming getting rid of your stuff. But, with our tips, you can make sure you live without unnecessary clutter.

Do you want to learn more about decluttering? Discover more right here on our website.


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