DIY Crafts for Adults Relieve Stress – 5 Top Crafts for Adults

diy crafts for adults

Having a bad day? Is it too much of a hassle to go out for a massage or spa?

Why not relieve stress with fun and amazing DIY crafts for adults? Get your hands and mind busy with something creative and engaging to do!

Don’t know which crafts for adults are worth trying out? We’ve got five listed right here for you. Check our guide below:

1. Glitter Bottles

Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? For people who do, one good solution is to focus attention on something familiar and calming. If you don’t have anything like that in your home, you can make glitter bottles.

You’ll need a clear bottle and fill it with room-temperature water. Add food coloring and clear glue. Finally, add in some glitter.

The more glue you add to the mix, the slower the glitter will move.

2. Doll Dresses

If you have a sewing machine then why not consider crafting doll dresses? There are a ton of guides available online and you could craft dresses for all sorts of dolls, from Barbie dolls to DIY ones.

Don’t fret if sewing doll dresses seems like a daunting task. You can learn more about the basics with this simple and intuitive guide right here.

3. Eye Pillow

Ever heard of an eye pillow? You place these on top of your eyes as you fall asleep. They contain herbs and rice, wrapped in a soft and comfortable fabric. Medical experts centuries ago used eye pillows as a medical treatment but today they primarily serve as accessories to help you relax and de-stress.

Fortunately, these are easy DIY crafts for adults. All you need is some rice, herbs you find aromatic and healthy, and fabric to keep them in. Many prefer to use lavender because the scent alone can help deal with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

4. Tabletop Miniatures

Love painting? You can’t go wrong with painting tabletop miniatures. These are the figurines used for games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or Warhammer.

You’ll find a wide assortment of miniatures. Manufacturers make them in plastic, steel, and even bronze. These materials affect how well paint sticks to the miniature.

Painting such small figurines can help direct your focus. This is a good method of fighting anxiety too.

5. Mini Zen Garden

One of the best stress relieving crafts for adults is to make a mini Zen garden. You don’t need a large backyard. You can start with a small pot or empty container.

Get some sand and fill the container. Use a small rake to create a design and then finish the Zen garden by adding smooth stones. That’s all you need but you can take it a few steps further by adding miniatures and DIY crafted set-pieces, such as mini temples or bridges.

Try These DIY Crafts for Adults!

Sit back and relax with these DIY crafts for adults! They can become soothing hobbies you can always go back to. These crafts might also help you de-stress so you don’t suffer from anxiety attacks or fall into depression.

But why stop with these tips when we have a plethora of other guides for you to check out? Feel free to read more of what we offer today!


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